Yellow Dog focuses on using the appropriate technology and resources at the appropriate time for the appropriate reasons. This has led to us becoming known as a true integration company to our customer base and to the coining of the phrase "Highly Specialised Generalists" to describe our team and what we do.

After being established in 1998, with an initial focus on providing technical solutions to IT centric environments, our company has grown and matured and our offering has expanded to provide end to end consulting and services across the diverse ICT landscape.

We maintain a broad set of skills across both mainstream and niche technologies and, whilst we are a certified Microsoft partner and have a wealth of skill and experience on this technology stack, we are not bigoted or biased against any particular platform or technology.

Over the years we have built a number of frameworks and products that help us to rapidly build solutions, integrate and deploy into customer environments.

At Yellow Dog we keep abreast of technological developments and continually upgrade our skills and offerings in line with this, for example, we have been providing integrated mobile solutions to our customers since 2003.

We are passionate about our work, our people and our sponsors. Because of our love for what we do, we equate ourselves to professional athletes and this is why we call our customers sponsors.