HP World South Africa was the biggest HP South Africa Technology event of the year where over 1200 decision makers across South and Southern Africa from top telcos, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, from private and the public sectors attended. Customers and partners were able to engage with HP and industry leaders to discuss and experience the game-changing innovations in Cloud, Big Data, Security and Mobility that will shape annual IT spending for the next decade. This event provided them with the opportunity to find out about today's technological achievements and the new developments that shape the IT future.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us at this event physically or through the live streaming on the day as we explored the new style of enterprise and what this means to you,
in your personal and professional lives.

A special word of thanks must go to our sponsors who supported this event and helped to make it a resounding success.

We look forward to partnering with you as we explore the impact of the new style of enterprise and how
technological innovations are shaping the future in all aspects of our lives in new and unexpected ways.

Let's continue on this journey together.

Yours faithfully,
Frank van Rees
HP South Africa Managing Director

Making mobility work for the enterprise

Speaking on the sidelines of HP World in Sandton, Paul Muller, HP's worldwide VP for Strategic Marketing, said: "To the IT department, mobility means BYOD. But to executives, mobility means more. Now that knowledge workers are on the move all the time, mobility is about empowering people to work using the same workflows and patterns of behaviour, whether they are using fixed or mobile devices. It's about designing total experiences."

The regional CTO for HP Software EMEA, Ulrich Pfeiffer, adds: "An important element of mobility today is the expectation that the content travels with you, wherever you go." HP explains that users are increasingly expecting to pick up where they left off – be it with work or a long-running transaction – without having to grapple with a new set of passwords or user interfaces for each device they use.

"Think about the process of buying air tickets, for example. Whether you are using a laptop, mobile device or kiosk, the experience should be the same across all interfaces and the transaction should be simple for the user. You can't afford to have ‘islands' of behaviour or data," says Muller.

In addition to being seamless and intuitive, the experience must also be scalable and secure, adds Pfeiffer. "To be successful, the whole experience has to work well under the hood. With apps now becoming an instrument of competition, enterprises have to make mobility simple and go to market with stable, innovative and secure apps very rapidly. This requires effective new processes within the enterprise."

HP notes there are myriad opportunities for today's businesses and their IT organisations to grow market share, build customer intimacy, and increase profit margins by delivering secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a connected world. However, this emerging environment brings with it some unique challenges around security, privacy, speed-to-market, and increased costs that come with supporting more device choice.

The company recommends a three-step process to building, deploying, managing and governing mobility: first to look at foundational enterprise-wide policies around security, privacy, and user computing; then to assess the collaboration infrastructure that needs to be established to support mobility; and finally, to evaluate the end-to-end architectural decisions, application, and infrastructure models that are required to enable enterprise mobility.

Other news

Making mobility work for the enterprise

26 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

Mobility today has little to do with devices – now it revolves around seamless access to content, says HP.

'Bring communications into IT'

21 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

Ironically, while IT is about communications to a large degree, the communications gap between the IT department and business is as wide as ever. It needs to be bridged if the New Style of IT is to support business effectively, says HP.

Apps: the new business differentiator

16 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

Paul Muller

In an increasingly mobile world, every company is a software company and apps are the new business differentiator, delegates heard at HP World in Sandton.

New Style of IT has people at the centre

15 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

Ulrich Pfeiffer

The 'New Style of IT', the forward-looking approach HP is taking in its strategies and product development, is about making IT seamless, intuitive and relevant to enterprises and individuals, HP executives explained at this year's HP World conference and expo in Sandton.

Vintage motorcycles and the new era of business at HP World 2014

13 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

HP South Africa showcased a vintage HOREX motorcycle to illustrate how 100-year-old brands can use new tech to innovate.

HP World 2014: HP innovation accelerates new style of IT in South Africa

13 May 2014  

HP partners and customers discuss game-changing technology that revolutionises how businesses operate and strengthen communities in South Africa.

SA enterprises overlook most available data

12 May 2014   Tracy Burrows

With an estimated 20%  of all data categorised as structured data, enterprises that aren't harnessing the power of unstructured data are losing the potential value of most data in existence, says HP.

HP World top technology thought leaders

06 May 2014  

Chris Johnson

As the forces of social, mobile, cloud and big data converge, the nature of enterprise technology is changed forever.

The (other) disruptive IT trends

09 Apr 2014   Tracy Burrows

Chief Technologist for HP's Enterprise Group in EMEA, David Chalmers.

Big data, mobility, cloud and security are disruptive forces, but there are other trends to be aware of, says chief technologist for HP's Enterprise Group in EMEA, David Chalmers.

Preparing SA for the new style of IT

02 Apr 2014   Tracy Burrows

In the face of revolutionary change in IT and business, HP is gearing up to help local enterprises ride the new waves.

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During your visit to HP World 2014 grab some inspiration from industry leaders and get the inside scoop on what's coming from HP. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive deep into technology and get your hands on how to bring HP solutions to your environment.

Big Data

Big Data

Your enterprise depends on actionable insight being securely delivered to the right person at the right time, to influence what they do or the decisions they make. To stay ahead of the competition, become more profitable, and improve your operations, increasingly requires a real-time fusion and analysis of large volumes of data: structured machine (sensors, embedded software etc), unstructured-human (social media, documents, audio, video, etc) and traditional transactional -.

Hear HP's strategy to harness the power of Big Data, including HP's latest innovations with HAVEn (Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security, and n-apps), the industry's first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data.



In today's constantly evolving technology landscape, security threats are more sophisticated, persistent and targeted than ever. Learn the latest techniques today's well-organised criminals and nation states are using to steal valuable information assets.

More importantly, hear how leading Chief Information Security Officers are keeping pace with this relentless and dynamic threat landscape through proper risk management policies and implementation of software security assurance, continuous diagnostics and mediation technologies, leveraging threat assessment libraries.



Mobility is the new interaction model. Your mobile presence is the face of your enterprise; it's your service portal to customers, employees, citizens and partners. You are focused on building great mobile user-experiences - by empowering your employees (BYOD) and by guiding your business/marketing teams on how best to reach their mobile customers. By taking a connected approach to mobility, you can provide universal access to people, applications and data.

To do this, you'll need to do more than just support mobile devices - you'll also need to craft your mobile strategy, develop mobile apps on multiple platforms, implement BYOD, secure your environment, tune your infrastructure and transform your wireless network. When you approach mobility as a multi-faceted program, your customers and employees will be able to engage wherever they are. The Mobility track will share business, case study and implementation insights to help drive your mobile journey.

Converged Cloud

Converged Cloud

A new style of IT is emerging. Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. The changes will significantly impact Information Technology including people, processes and technology. By leveraging cloud, IT can dramatically improve the speed of innovation, enhance business agility and lower costs, allowing IT to gain credibility with the business and be seen as a true partner.

In order to succeed in this transition, IT must become both a builder and broker of services, sourcing services from traditional sources, as well as from private and public clouds. HP's Converged Cloud delivers enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build, operate and consume cloud services across private, managed and public clouds. Learn how HP can help you to adopt cloud to transform your business.

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