Huawei is excited again to have a major presence at , the worlds' most international ICT industry trade fair.

We cordially invite you to join us at Hall 2, to review our new technologies, products and solutions in the Agile Network, Cloud Computing & Data Centres, Collaboration, BYOD, and LTE domains; to experience Huawei ICT solutions applied to industries such as Government, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Energy, Media & Entertainment, and SME; to witness exciting products and solutions, including some world's first launches, and provide opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our senior experts on ICT.

We want to hear your ideas and needs, discuss how to accelerate your enterprise business' innovations in this age of big data, and contribute to connecting your business in a better way.

We appreciate your continued support for Huawei and look forward to meeting you at CeBIT 2014.

Best Regards!

William Xu
CEO of Enterprise Business Group Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Huawei talks data, cloud, SSD

Storage is the carrier of data.

And with the amount of data that an enterprise has to store and manage increasing at an alarming rate, businesses need to come up with more cost-effective, secure and reliable ways to extract valuable information from the data.

This is the word from Yitao Lee, Huawei storage marketing director, who asserts that by analysing operating data in a faster and more economical manner, organisations will boost decision-making efficiency. "Data is difficult to manage, new applications take a long time to deploy, and storage capacity is difficult and expensive to expand. The future IT system must eliminate these data silos so that storage performance and capacity are flexibly allocated and storage media types match the information's value."

According to Lee, while businesses want to store more data in order to obtain valuable insights, the cost of storing this information increases as the data amount grows. To tackle this dilemma, Lee has three suggestions. Firstly, he advises that businesses select storage with tiering functionality, which will allow them to match storage media types with data value. He also suggests that businesses use deduplication to reduce repeated data storage. Finally, Lee notes that organisations should be looking to transfer some of their low-value data and backup data to the public cloud, which will reduce total cost of ownership.

In addition to this, Lee highlights solid state drives (SSD) as a less expensive and more stable storage option for businesses, particularly as an increasing number of vendors provide all-flash arrays and SSD-related technologies become more mature. "As more customers choose all-flash arrays, the price of SSD decreases. The joint force of technical improvement and market recognition will keep driving SSD development," he says, adding that SSD will become a widely accepted deployment mode.

He also cites cloud, be it public or private, as a trend to watch.

"Currently, moving backup and archived data into the cloud is an economical option," he states, continuing that he expects that more customers will favour this option in 2014. "If the data security and service level of the public cloud can become more reliable, enterprises will migrate more production data to the cloud." He advises organisations to consider building a hybrid cloud; using core systems to build the private cloud and backup and archive systems to build the public cloud.

With this said, Lee asserts that tradition cannot be disrupted overnight. "It takes time for the market to accept innovative technologies, especially when customers need time to verify reliability after migrating core applications to the cloud." According to Gartner's latest storage market report, the storage market grew stably in 2013 and the storage of the future will be more hybrid – with a mix of cloud and traditional IT systems.

When looking to boost your storage solutions, Lee believes organisations should look to construct a data-centric storage system that will reinforce the overall design of storage, describing storage as the "digital heart" of the IT system. He points out that businesses should avoid resource waste and repeated investments. "You must build converged and unified architecture to resolve problems once and for all."

Huawei talks data, cloud, SSD

02 Apr 2014   Joanne Carew

Tiering, deduplication and the cloud can help businesses gain valuable insights from large amounts of data, says Yitao Lee, storage marketing director at Huawei.

Cloud at work

24 Mar 2014   Joanne Carew

Open cloud platforms improve efficiency, foster convergence and reduce costs, according to Huawei's Julius Liu.

Simplifying with SDN

18 Mar 2014   Joanne Carew

Not only does SDN connect isolated services with the network, it also enables easy adaptability to service changes and requirements, says Huawei's Ajay Gupta.

Software-defined networking promotes openness and centralising control, while reducing deployment costs and improving service experience.

Huawei announces expanded alliance with SAP and launches FusionCube solution for SAP Hana at CeBIT 2014

14 Mar 2014  

Patrick Zhang (Left), President of Marketing and Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, celebrates alliance with Alex Atzberger (Right), chief of staff, SAP at Huawei Innovative Enterprise ICT Forum in CeBIT 2014.

The companies have large-scale collaborations planned across multiple offerings and practices.

Huawei talks eLTE

10 Mar 2014   Joanne Carew

eLTE simplifies exchanging information with large teams and control centres, says Huawei’s Norman Frisch.

By converging voice, data and video in one solution, eLTE cuts costs and promotes efficiency, according to Huawei.

Huawei eLTE critical communication

Speed - Huawei eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution

Possibilty - Huawei eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution

Cebit: Huawei eLTE Ensures Critical Communications

Join us at CeBIT 2014

Comprehensive Exhibition at CeBIT 2014

Key Highlights

  • Agile Network
    Agile World

    • Agile Campus Network
    • WAN Interconnection
    • Data Centre Network
    • Network Security

  • Make IT Simple
    Make Business Agile

    • Cloud Data Centre Solutions
    • Data Centre Infrastructure
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Data Centre Facilities
    • Cloud Computing & Virtualisation

  • One World,One Team

    • Video Conferencing
    • Telepresence
    • Contact Centre
    • IP Telephony

  • Changing the Way
    You Work

    • Enterprise BYOD Solution
    • BYOD Security
    • eLTE Trunking

  • Excellent Industries

    • Smart City
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Media & Entertainment
    • SME


Activity Date Time Venue
Booth Visiting / Open Speech Mar 10-14 9:00-18:00 Hall 2
Executive Meeting/ Technical Symposium Mar 10-14 9:00-18:00 Hall 2
Press Conference Mar 11 9:30-12:00 Room Saal 1A, CC
Huawe speaking at CeBIT Special Conferences Mar 11 11:50-12:05 Hall 11
Huawei Creative IT Infrastructure Forum Mar 11 15:00-16:30 Room Saal 1A, CC
Gala Dinner (Invite Only) Mar 11 19:00-23:00 Burg Kornigsworth Castle
Huawei Speaking on Global Conference Mar 12 9:30-10:30 CENTRE Stage, Hall 8

Huawei @ CeBIT 2013

Thank you for visiting Huawei at CeBIT 2013!

We hope products and solutions Huawei showcased at this CeBIT exhibition will help you find a better way to provide smart ICT support in the domain of production, office work, management and sale, which benefit for your production application, promote collaboration efficiency, protect your business assets, speed up your time-to-market and soundly face the challenges of this Big Data Era.

Click on any of the videos below to see more of the great things that happened during the last year's exhibition!

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  • New Products & Solutions Launched

  • Huawei Global CIO Forum

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