Andrew Dawson, commercial director at MacMobile and Solutions-in-Hand

Andrew Dawson

Commercial director at MacMobile and Solutions-in-Hand

Andrew is the Commercial Director at Macmobile, a South African-based company delivering Distribution management, Sales Force, and trade execution management solutions to FMCG businesses on the African continent, Macmobile has been in business since 2007 and has developed extensive intellectual property in the spheres of AI, Machine learning and image recognition to support our core offerings.. Andrew's area of expertise includes Sales, Business Development, with experience in Sales and Field force automation.

Andrew Dawson will be speaking on the following topic:

CASE STUDY: Retail Enterprise mobility, AI and machine learning in the retail execution space

This presentation will cover some of the challenges currently being experienced in the retail trade and how image recognition, backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence, will help to manage the challenges.


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