Dr Michael D Grant, CTO, DataProphet

Michael D Grant (Dr)

CTO, DataProphet

Dr Michael D Grant, CTO at DataProphet, is a complex engineering problem-solver and inventor. He is a machine learning expert, with experience in delivering holistic and robust engineered systems. Dr Grant is passionate about developing teams to deliver value into businesses.

He is the recipient of the Keith Plowden Young Achievers Award, for the most outstanding electrical engineer (2011). In 2012, he won the International Electrotechnical Commission's Young Professional for South Africa. Dr Grant is a member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers and a registered professional engineer. He received his BSc, MSc and PhD degrees from Wits University.

Michael D Grant (Dr) will be speaking on the following topic:

Panel discussion: AI: good, bad, fad?

The implications of AI with respect to employment, social and workplace impact and where it really stands today in terms of capability. Do we face the rise of the killer robots or are the bots going to be our best friends?

Panel discussion: On the road to AI – how do you get there?

This panel discussion will provide insight into the considerations that need to be made before embarking on a journey to AI.

Thought leadership: AI and South African business: tales of transformation and impact

This talk covers some of the common hurdles South African businesses face in the adoption of AI, and how we've overcome these constraints. The effect of these systems on both the business and the people in the business are discussed, with the talk touching on as much change management as technical content.

  • Understand how the people in your organisation control the adoption of technology.
  • Determine where AI and machine learning can add value now.
  • Adopt successful change management strategies in AI/ML projects.


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