Natasha Govender

Natasha Govender

Lead Data Scientist, dotModus

Dr. Natasha Govender has a PhD in machine learning and computer vision with over 16 years of experience working in both R&D and corporate environments. She has published extensively in the field at both local and international conferences. Her PhD thesis was about how to use robotic platforms to search for information to accurately recognise objects in unknown environments/scenes.

Natasha Govender will be speaking on the following topic:

Using machine learning to gain business insights

This talk will explain what machine learning is all about, including a high-level explanation of the different types of machine learning techniques, and how to apply the data and use it to produce quantifiable outcomes for companies in various sectors.

  • Discover the meaning of machine learning
  • Establish what machine learning can do
  • Learn how to apply it to data to gain useful insights


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