Setumo Mohapi (Dr), Chief executive officer, State Information Technology Agency (SITA)

Setumo Mohapi (Dr)

Chief executive officer, State Information Technology Agency (SITA)

Dr Setumo Mohapi is the CEO of the State Information Technology Agency (SITA), a position he has held since 1 April 2015. Prior to this, Dr Mohapi was the CEO at Sentech, having worked in various technology and business positions at Transtel, Internet Solutions, Neotel and Telkom. Well versed in the ICT sector, Dr Mohapi has brought a wealth of experience to SITA since his appointment – a result of many years of experience holding and serving in various executive positions both in the public as well as in the private sector, as alluded. Dr Mohapi's academic achievement includes a Bachelor of Science degree (in electrical engineering and computer science) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a master's degree in electrical engineering, also obtained from MIT. This was followed by a PhD degree in electrical engineering, this time from Wits.

Setumo Mohapi (Dr) will be speaking on the following topic:

CASE STUDY: Public sector Smart Government: Artificial Intelligence in public sector ICT

The presentation will drive the audience to re-imagine the country's socio economic challenges and public service delivery through the lens and context of unconstrained use of technology in general. Specific issues that will be addressed will touch on policy making, health, agriculture, education and land reform and the role of Artificial Intelligence in fast tracking developments and initiatives that can yield results. Practical examples of these are:

  • Better policy making through machine learning
  • Data processing- how do we use AI to process data optimally
  • Automation of agriculture viz a viz land reform
  • How can AI be used to contribute towards basic primary healthcare as an extension of telemedicine
  • How can AI be used towards job creation and added value
  • Re-imagination of public service delivery to solve socio economic problems


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