Aneshan Ramaloo, Senior business solutions manager, SAS

Aneshan Ramaloo

advanced analytics practice lead, SAS Africa

Aneshan Ramaloo provides support in positioning SAS's analytical offerings to address the company's customer business requirements. He also assists in facilitation of technical discussions regarding analytics and machine learning to deliver an effective business value proposition to clients. In addition, his role requires preparation of conceptual solution designs that showcase the solution capabilities through presentations and live demonstrations.

Aneshan Ramaloo will be speaking on the following topic:

Solving business problems using data visual visualisation and machine learning

Learn how to use data visualisation to unravel your organisation's data, make it easier to understand as well as democratise it within the organisation, which will improve the adoption rate. Find out how to standardise metrics against business objectives when applying artificial intelligence for automated insights and prediction of future data trends.

  • Use data visualisation to make data easier to understand, so it can be used by anyone in your organisation
  • Achieve accuracy when making strategic predictions through data visualisation and artificial intelligence
  • Put data visualisation to work in your company to meet your business objectives