Hans Patrik Hultgren

Hans Patrik Hultgren

DWBI, data modelling and big data advisor, trainer and author;
president Genesee Academy, principal at Top Of Minds

Hans Patrik Hultgren is the president at Genesee Academy and principal at Top Of Minds. He is a data warehousing, business intelligence, big data and blockchain, data modelling educator, author, speaker and advisor. He is currently working with all things data including DW/BI, data modelling (ensemble modelling, ELM and data vault), big data and the blockchain. Hultgren conducts training primarily in Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Denver. He recently published a data modelling book: Modelling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault. His specialties: information management and data modelling, ensemble modelling, data vault modelling, big data modelling, blockchain, agile data warehousing, education, e-learning, entrepreneurship and business development.

Hans Patrik Hultgren will be speaking on the following topic:

International keynote address Discover the barriers and benefits of data vault modelling for big data

Gain international expert opinion and insight into how some of the barriers to achieving data warehouse agility can be overcome using the data modelling approach.

  • Examine the data vault modelling approach as a tool in creating an agile data warehouse
  • Dissecting the premise behind data vault – unified decomposition
  • Understand how a data warehouse can accept new attributes without re-engineering
  • Provide an understanding of how the data vault modelling pattern is also applicable to big data, cloud, virtual and streaming deployments
  • Review and critique data vault models for best practice compliance and optimal performance