Lyle Petersen, Business intelligence business analyst, ITS Woolworths SA

Lyle Petersen

business intelligence business analyst, ITS Woolworths SA

Lyle Petersen holds an honour’s degree in information systems and serves as a business intelligence analyst for Woolworths. He has professional exposure to data analysis, data modelling, business intelligence systems implementation and business analysis. He is familiar with the challenges and strategic opportunities inherent in data-driven endeavours and has a keen interest in fulfilling these using next-generation techniques and technologies. His main career focus has been providing solutions aimed at effectively meeting business insight, strategic objectives and delivering improved ROI. This includes business analysis for Woolworths and consulting duties for KPMG, as well as experience in the healthcare, real estate, retail and credit risk industries.

Lyle Petersen will be speaking on the following topic:

Case study Man with machine: harnessing the potential of augmented intelligence

'Artificial Intelligence is set to engulf all new software products by 2020': Gartner Many believe reliance on machines for decision-making still has potential risks when not vetted alongside human expertise and intuition. Augmented intelligence, which combines smart analytics and human expertise to create something greater than the sum of its parts, could be the answer. Employees augmented with smart analytics have the ability and time to leverage critical thinking to lower risks while making strategic and holistic decisions.
In this presentation we will explore:

  • Discover emerging augmented intelligence best practices and business models
  • Learn how to cut through data complexity and support strategies
  • Trends and technologies in augmented intelligence
  • Tools and techniques for the augmented employee
  • Defining the business need and value for augmented intelligence deliverables