Rob Zagey, senior BI analyst, StanLib

Rob Zagey

senior BI analyst, StanLib

Rob Zagey is a senior business intelligence analyst at StanLib. He is at the intersection of business and technology, with the multidisciplinary ability to combine strategic, technical and customer experience skills into a compelling business proposition. His world revolves around data, storytelling and people.

Rob Zagey will be speaking on the following topics:

Panel Discussion Analytics – profit vs privacy, ethics vs economics

Our early hopes that the Web and social media would promote democracy and freedom seem to have been dashed. The Internet behemoths analyse our personal data for profit, online government surveillance is pervasive, and AI-enabled automation threatens the world economy. The basic question posed to the panel is: how can we, as business, embrace and implement a new ethical approach to data collection and use it for the good of society as a whole?

The emotions in data

This talk will explore how machines will soon know us better than we know ourselves.

  • The emotions in data are generating a whole new wealth of untapped insights.
  • This will lead us to solving the world's biggest challenges.
  • Selling analytics better. Knowing the answer to 'what' is happening was just the beginning; knowing the answer to 'why' it is happening is the next level.