Sonja Parsons, owner, Business Management Assignments

Sonja Parsons

owner, Business Management Assignments

Sonja Parsons has more than three decades of experience in fraud prevention and risk management, with an investigative focus on organised crime. She is the owner of Business Management Assignments, a company that provides commercial forensic investigations and technology services, fraud risk management, data analytics, operational risk management, and litigation services. Parsons also has more than 27 years of experience in supply chain management, and started advocating the appointment of probity officers to independently monitor the tender processes for large capital tenders in both private and public sectors.

Parsons was a member of the team that developed the unit standards for supply chain practitioners. With the advent of procurement reform, she played a leading role in strategising the implementation of the supply chain elements at provincial and local government levels.

Parsons has served as a keynote speaker and a led a number of conferences and interactive workshops in Africa and Europe. She is completing a doctorate degree in business administration, and she holds an MBA. Her short-term goals include a second PhD on: Equality in the judicial systems of SADC.

Parsons is involved in an array of philanthropic undertakings and donates to several non-profit organisations. In her spare time, she can be found reading the latest forensics book, completing challenging puzzles, and listening to music.

Sonja Parsons will be speaking on the following topic:

Applying data analytics to detect, prevent and predict fraud

Key insights regarding data, specifically in a health services environment, and how acutely important it is that organisations store data to detect and prevent corrupt activities. The impact of not doing so is catastrophic for the healthcare sector and it is just as critical in your line of work.

  • Detail the value of data storage in your organisation
  • Understand the value information and data management