Julian Thomas

Principal consultant, PBT Group

Julian Thomas, principal consultant at PBT Group, specialises in delivering data engineering solutions for a variety of use cases. He has extensive experience in strategic consulting, helping clients define their enterprise information management strategies and implementation roadmaps. Being a consultant for close to 20 years has allowed him to experience many of the major technologies and platforms across a wide range of client industries. His experience has led him to believe strongly in the importance of bimodal thinking, and the impact this has on solution design and delivery. He is the co-author of PBT’s SAVY-BI methodology, a disciplined agile approach to BI solution delivery. Thomas is happiest when he is designing and building data-driven solutions that add value to his clients.

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The big data exploration

Big data and business intelligence (BI) in the cloud are currently hot and very relevant topics within many organisations. These concepts are now well established in the hearts and minds of business, and most large organisations have started investing in big data platforms as a result. As with all new concepts, there is always the inevitable level of confusion and uncertainty regarding how to proceed. To demystify the topic, I believe we need to take things back to basics. We need to understand that big data in itself is a journey – an exploration into the unknown. Businesses need to know how to plan and prepare for the exploration and determine who their ‘travel companions’ should be. There are definitely challenges inherent in engaging on a big data journey. How well the business embraces the new paradigm, at all levels within the organisation, accepting the implications this has on "how things work here", will play an important role in determining the success of the journey.

  • Big data exploration – getting started with big data and what factors to consider?
  • How can businesses prepare for the possible challenges that await them on this journey? How can they manage something inherently exploratory and evolutionary?
  • A checklist – looking at what to pack, who to bring, how to plan your journey and common mistakes to avoid.

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