Bheki Zwane, ICT project manager, National Department of Public Works

Bheki Zwane

ICT project manager, National Department of Public Works

Bheki Zwane is an innovationist and a technologist. In the 17 years of working in the government IT industry, Bheki has gained in-depth experience on state's IT regulatory framework, governance and infrastructure. He has also participated in the number of government IT initiatives like GWEA, FOSS, e-Government via the GITO council.

Bheki has keen interest on technologies like Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented reality and robotics.

Bsc Hons. Comp. Sc. (Unisa), PMP (PMI), CIO cert.(Wits University)

Bheki Zwane will be speaking on the following topic:

Business Case:For Government BIM cloud infrastructure in the built industry

As government is beginning to embrace technology to drive its strategic objectives, cloud technology offers a platform to enable organisational efficiency through streamlining and digitising of business processes. A strong case is being presented for operationalising BIM cloud infrastructure to realise the benefits in the form of cost cutting and facilitating policy implementation in the built space.

  • Business benefits to be realise from the Government BIM Cloud
  • The conceptual model for Government BIM Cloud
  • Understand what is BIM's Common Data Environment (CDE)
  • Implementation road map

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