Cathy Pickering (Dr), Chief architect, Verve Digital

Cathy Pickering

Chief architect, Verve Digital

Dr Cathy Pickering, chief architect at Verve Digital, has many years' experience in the ICT industry, mainly with global ICT vendors across a variety of industries, working with customers and partners within South Africa and across the Middle East and Africa. She has a technology background with substantial experience as a pre-sales solution architect, cloud architect and enterprise architect. As a thought leader in cloud and application modernisation, Pickering serves as a trusted technology advisor to customers developing solutions that meet their technology and business requirements. With her excellent combination of leadership, technical, analytical and interpersonal skills, Pickering has brought digital transformation to organisations through cloud and IT transformation advisory services. Academically, she holds a first-class honour’s degree in mathematics from Exeter University, and a master's degree with distinction in information systems and a doctorate in the field of enterprise grid computing, both from Leeds Metropolitan University. Pickering is an experienced speaker, having honed her presentation skills at Toastmasters.

Cathy Pickering will be speaking on the following topic:

Big data analytics in the cloud

Discussion between a business executive and the head of IT. Scenario - someone in the business is keen to move big data analytics to the cloud but the business executive is sceptical. She contacts the head of IT to understand the pros and cons and to address her concerns.

  • Understanding the pros and cons of big data analytics in the cloud
  • Knowing what questions to ask when considering a move to the cloud for big data analytics

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