Jeremy Matthews, Regional manager, Panda Security Africa

Jeremy Matthews

Regional manager, Panda Security Africa

Originally from the UK, Jeremy Matthews is a 20-year veteran of the local IT industry, with a range of experience covering enterprise software sales, application integration, Web enablement and IT security. Matthews established the local Panda Security office in April 2006, opening the international vendor's first presence on the African continent. Panda Security is the world's leading cloud-based security solutions company. Based in Spain, the company has a direct presence in over 80 countries.

Jeremy Matthews will be speaking on the following topic:

How to manage, protect and audit users in a cloud centric world

The concept of a mobile workforce, powered by technology like Smartphones and Cloud sharing platforms, has come to be globally accepted. However, organisations are only beginning to grasp how great an impact this shift has had on their ability to secure and manage their network. Constant movement in and out of the organisations secure environment, data sharing across multiple devices and platforms, and unsecured WiFi networks, are just some of the factors that make managing IT security a major challenge in today's environment. Traditional on-premise AV is no longer enough to combat cyber-security threats, and nor are traditional device management techniques. Today's business environment calls for a new approach employing advanced cloud technologies.
A new paradigm of security must be adopted – going beyond the traditional perimeter and evaluating risk with total visibility.

  • Situational analysis: How BYOD and the mobile workforce effects organisational security and management
  • Changing mindset: Understanding the new paradigm of security and management
  • Embracing cloud technology: Using cloud technology to enable efficient management and security of the network

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