Rudi Strydom, Enterprise architect, Imperial Logistics

Rudi Strydom

Enterprise architect, Imperial Logistics

Rudi is the current Enterprise Architect for Imperial Logistics globally operating in 33 countries worldwide. Previously he was the Infrastructure Executive for Imperial IT, the IT division for Imperial Logistics SA. He has more than 12 years’ experience in the IT filed and holds a BTech (Eng) degree with a specialization in Computer Systems Engineering.

Rudi Strydom will be speaking on the following topic:

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Your migration strategy – how do you decide what is most suitable?

Data Centre's and IT Infrastructure are utilities to host our data and applications, but they are also a dying breed. Many of the large digital companies such as Netflix and Uber and do not have Data Centre's, in fact, Uber does not even own a single server. IT has become fluid with services in the Cloud and Applications on demand, many businesses in this fast paced economy is almost prescribing this move to a more agile and fast paced environment. If IT does not keep up, we will become irrelevant and will be bypassed.

  • This talk will take a look at past events and how they are likely to influence our immediate future. As well as some of the problems we are currently dealing with, and how these are currently being solved by cloud, and lastly about future problems we will face, and how these will also be solved with Cloud services.

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