Danie Marais, director of product management at Redstor.

Danie Marais, director of product management at Redstor.

Merely collecting big data does not unleash its potential value.

Organisations that capture, process and analyse this data in order to make better decisions in real time are the ones that will succeed. These businesses will outstrip their competitors and be able to respond more quickly to their customers' needs.

However, while it is commonly understood that data is at the heart of the digital economy, having the ability to give insight, inform decisions and strengthen relationships, many of SA's organisations lack the capabilities to manage, protect and extract that value.

So says Danie Marais, director of product management at Redstor, who will be speaking at the ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019, to be held on 12 February at The Forum in Bryanston.

"For the most part, SA businesses are not managing their big data at all – they are only storing it," says Marais.

Traditional data management techniques used for smaller data sets don't work for big data, he points out. "For instance, to sort millions of files into folders for easy retrieval does not scale at all. You need the help of data management tools to catalogue, find, analyse, protect and move your data."

In this ‘on-demand' world, people are used to having anything available immediately, adds Marais.

"It's expected that data is always available regardless of the age, location or device from which is it accessed. It's also expected that you will be able to easily find your data and that you never have to manage it."

During his presentation, ‘Big data management and data analytics in the cloud', Marais will examine how technology is changing the world of data management and outline the practical solutions that are available to assist with data management today.