Farouk Osman Latib

Senior Manager - Solutions Architecture at Huawei

Farouk Osman Latib leads a global team, and is is a dynamic and highly motivated professional, with more than 17 years of knowledge and experience in various technical, pre-sales and leadership positions within the ICT industry. During the course of his career, he has been involved in architecting, designing, installing, maintaining solutions, implementing process improvements and contributing to successful projects, within the telecommunications, banking and government sector. In his current role, he leads business as well as technical discussions and meetings, from C-level down through middle management, to technical individuals, focusing on accelerating their IT transformation strategy. He works across the board, from IT modernisation, automation and strategy, to agile, cloud and transformation. He helps clients deliver on end-to-end IT transformation across business, technology, processes and people, and helps them realise significant improvements in customer service to gain a clear competitive advantage. In addition, he assists customers with increased innovation, improved competitiveness and faster time to market.

Farouk Osman Latib will be speaking on the following topic:

Enabling cloud and AI to build a fully connected and intelligent Africa

The world is moving towards a new era of digitalisation, with technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and IOT. With the Cloud 2.0 era, we are not only talking about efficiency, and cost reduction, we are talking about the data and understanding the data. Once you’re in the cloud, how do you take advantage of it so your business can operate at an entirely new level? Moreover, we believe AI will become the dominant application area of cloud computing, and cloud computing will become the main infrastructure for future AI.

  • Taking advantage of cloud so your business can operate at an entirely new level
  • Looking at cloud and AI together, to show how the business can harness these technologies to operate at a new level.
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