Dr Jai Menon , Chief scientist, IBM fellow emeritus, Cloudistics

Jai Menon (Dr)

Chief scientist, IBM fellow emeritus, Cloudistics

Jai Menon is the chief scientist at Cloudistics, which he joined after having served as CTO for multibillion-dollar systems businesses (servers, storage and networking) at both IBM and Dell.

When he left IBM, Menon was CTO for Systems Group, responsible for guiding 15 000 developers. In 2012, he joined Dell as VP and CTO for Dell Enterprise Solutions Group. In 2013, he became head of Research and chief research officer for Dell.

Dr Menon holds 53 patents, has published 82 papers, and is a contributing author to three books on database and storage systems. He is an IEEE fellow and an IBM master inventor, a distinguished alumnus of both the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and Ohio State University, and a recipient of the IEEE Wallace McDowell Award and the IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Systems Award. He serves on several university, customer and company advisory boards.

Jai Menon (Dr) will be speaking on the following topic:

The future of cloud is clear - and its not what you think

This session will explore the adoption of cloud services and how the initial pre-dictions of mass migration of workloads to public cloud, AWS in particular, are proving to be overblown. As cloud services mature and a new generation of highly capable and easy-to-use private clouds emerge, we are seeing informed customers that are expecting to consume services from both private clouds as well as multiple public clouds. Every public cloud vendor, including AWS, has been forced to react to this new customer reality. We close the session with an intriguing set of predictions on the evolution of cloud over the next few years.

  • The evolution of cloud over the next few years.
  • How public cloud vendors are reacting to the new customer reality.

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