Jared Naude

Software Engineer at Synthesis

Jared Naude is a software engineer at Synthesis specialising in security and cryptography. He holds a BSc computer science and information systems (hons) and is a certified AWS solutions architect and DevOps engineer, on the professional level. He is currently helping several South African banks and enterprises with architecting, building, securing and operationalising their cloud environments. Naude has spoken at several conferences on cloud, DevOps and information security.

Jared Naude will be speaking on the following topic:

Securing workloads in the cloud: From crafting a strategy to engineering

Businesses are undergoing a major digital transformation in order to modernise their organisations to respond to the changing needs of their customers. Part of this transformation is the migration of workloads to public cloud to increase agility and reduce operational costs. Securing these cloud workloads and associated data in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS is a top priority for organisations. As organisations embrace multi-cloud strategies, serverless and containers, they are struggling to operationalise and secure their environments.

This talk will explore crafting a cloud security strategy that embraces native cloud services, automation, DevOps and third-party tooling. Naude will discuss best practices, frameworks, data protection, scaled learning and operationalisation challenges that organisations face in the cloud. Lastly, he will discuss the shared responsibility model that cloud vendors can use in a cloud business case to reduce the operational overheads typically associated with data centres.

  • Crafting a cloud security strategy that embraces multi-cloud and cloud native services.
  • The mindset and culture change required to have a successful cloud migration journey.
  • How using automation and DevOps can lead to increased security inside your organisation.

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