Mika Lefebvre

Mika Lefebvre

Channel Sales EMEA Director,Genesys

Mika Lefebvre is a Director at Genesys, for Genesys PureCloud Solution Channel Sales across Europe, Mid-dle-East and Africa. Mika joined Genesys in 2006. He has been in different positions (Business Consulting, Product Management, Product Marketing and Competitive Intelligence) that helped him to build a wide set of expertise. For 6 years, Mika has been in charge of Genesys’ global competitive intelligence program that allowed Genesys to increase its market share and become the undisputed leader in Customer Engagement platforms. Including his past experiences as a business customer in the Middle-East and France, in the Telco’s and Airline vertical, both on technical and business aspects, Mika has been in the CRM / Customer Experience / Contact Center business for 20 years, and has built progressively a recognized Cx expertise.

Mika Lefebvre will be speaking on the following topic:

Using the cloud as a platform for digital transformation

The growing importance of machine-learning, IOT, and data analysis on the digital transformation strategies of organisations require, a foundation built on cloud computing. After all, not many companies can afford the resources required to harness this innovation on-premise.
Fortunately, the contact centre industry has been embracing the shift to the cloud. Thanks to evolving technology making the transition to the cloud more user-friendly and efficient, organisations are looking at ways to capitalise on it.
With the contact industry generating a significant amount of data, industries have no choice but to leverage the cloud to gain more measurable insights that empower them to deliver demonstrable results. Data has often been cited as the 'oil' of the digital world, and the imminent arrival of multi-national data centres in the country, will reinforce this.
Customers demand fresh approaches to how their data is analysed especially when it comes to contact centres. The competitive environment means solutions and service levels need to be adapted to suit diverse customer needs. Using the cloud as platform, this can be done in a more timeous fashion and embolden organisations to more organically revise their digital transformation strategies.
Bringing a view on embracing return on Investment, and the transition to cloud with a international and local view and the future outlook.
The cloud is here to stay, how businesses use it will be up to them.

  • Cloud / data centres - past, current and future
  • How contact centres can leverage the cloud to gain more meas-urable, demonstrable results
  • Adapting solutions and service levels to meet diverse customer needs
  • The transition - Elingo (local presence) is partnered with Genesys the global leader in contact centre CX Cloud, bringing the cloud to its customers' doors

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