Anish Shivdasani

CEO and co-founder, Giraffe

Anish Shivdasani,CEO and co-founder, Giraffe

Anish Shivdasani is CEO and co-founder of Giraffe, an award-winning mobile technology start-up that helps businesses recruit medium-skilled workers 10 times faster and cheaper than any other way – by automatically matching jobseekers with employers.

Prior to Giraffe, Shivdasani was a principal at Delta Partners, a strategic advisory and investment firm specialising in the telecoms, media and digital industries in developing markets. At Delta Partners, he advised telecoms operators and digital players in various markets across Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Prior to his career in business, Shivdasani was an academic researcher in the field of stem cell genetics. He has a PhD in genetics from the UK Medical Research Council and an MA in natural science from the University of Cambridge.

Anish Shivdasani will be speaking on the following topic:

Start-up and disruptor - Interviewed: How mobile start-up Giraffe is shaking up the recruitment game

Johannesburg-based tech start-up, Giraffe, aims to address SA's high unemployment rate by linking job seekers with employment opportunities, and to help employers recruit the most suitable staff, quickly and at a low cost. Find out how it did this, what it has accomplished to date, and where to from here.

It made the news in 2015 first for the major uptake of nearly 10 000 job-seeker registrations for its recruitment services in just two months, followed by winning top South African start-up by Seedstars World 2015 – a global seed-stage start-up competition for emerging markets. Shiddasani has over 10 years' experience in strategy consulting and start-ups – working with teams across the UK, Africa and Asia.

  • How do you know when you can be considered a success?
  • How have they disrupted the recruitment environment? Why the recruitment environment?
  • Find out what challenges they experienced and how they overcame them

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