Moroke Phajane, head of third party risk management, Liberty

Moroke Phajane

Third party risk expert

Moroke Phajane is an admitted attorney with more than 11 years post qualification experience. Through his company, First-Line Consulting, he provides Third Party risk management services to small to medium companies. This includes IT start ups and professional services companies. Moroke also heads up a Third Party Risk Department at a financial institution and contributes articles to various publications on risk related topics.

Moroke Phajane will be speaking on the following topic:

Enhancing your brand and reputation with robust risk and compliance controls

Due to recent corruption scandals most corporate entities are carefully scrutinising their third party suppliers in order to minimise their risk exposure inherent in such relationships. Furthermore, the current economic climate has resulted in corporate entities embarking on various initiatives to save costs. Professional services including Information Communication and Technology services will definitely be on the list of services to be procured at a minimal as companies are beginning to scrutinise the necessity of outsourcing such services to external service providers. Innovative firms that address the business need at a reasonable and lower cost compared to existing service providers stand to benefit from this. This will certainly give firms offering sound business solutions and that have adequate risk and compliance controls and track records the competitive edge.

  • Understand the importance of taking control of your risk status
  • Increase your knowledge of the risk and management controls corporate entities require their third party suppliers to have in place
  • Find out how to demonstrate that they have necessary risk and compliance controls required by corporate entities

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