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15 – 19 May 2017

Keynote Speaker

Rebekah Brown

Threat intelligence lead, global services, Rapid7

Rebekah Brown, Threat intelligence lead, global services, Rapid7

Rebekah Brown has spent more than a decade working in the intelligence community; her areas of expertise include cryptologic linguistics, network warfare analysis, network exploitation and vulnerability analysis, and she has served as the Operations Chief of a United States Marine Corps cyber unit, and a U.S. Cyber Command training and exercise lead. Rebekah has helped develop threat intelligence and security awareness programs at various level of government, as well as in the private sector at a Fortune 500 company. Today, Rebekah leads the Rapid7 threat intelligence programs, where her responsibilities include programs architecture, management, analysis, and operations. Rebekah lives in Portland, Oregon, where she grew up, with her three kids and spends her free time hiking and hacking and reading Harry Potter.

Rebekah Brown will be speaking on the following topic:

International Keynote Speaker Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence helps you make decisions about how to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks - and with a little time, effort, and planning, it can be implemented without breaking your budget. This talk covers the fundamentals of effective threat intelligence and how to determine what levels and aspects of threat intelligence to focus on given our team, time, and goals. It will also discuss how to identify the best open source, free, and low-cost intelligence resources for your organisation and how to integrate them into operations.

  • An understanding of what threat intelligence really is
  • Ideas on how to incorporate it into their information security programmes
  • Budget-friendly threat intelligence tools and resources


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