21 - 25 May 2018

28 & 29 May 2018

Security Summit 2018

#SS18HACK Man vs Machine

Johannesburg, 22 & 23 May

#SS18HACK is now open for registration and is looking for young, talented individuals who want to develop their skills through learning and innovation, and who have a passion for information security, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence, IOT and other new age technologies.

Have you ever asked yourself the question – who would win if a war broke out between man and machine? This is the perfect opportunity for you to find out – #drumroll.

All we need is you, your laptop, a willingness to learn, a hunger for information and some background in computer science and/or mathematics.

We will provide you with foundational knowledge in infosec and machine learning, and you're responsible for the outcome...

Did you miss out in 2017

"No sleep pays off at #SS17HACK"

"A lot of people come out of varsity and they understand how to program, but they haven't been exposed to the security side of things. It's about getting them to think of ideas and solutions to address problems we have in the information security field,"
- Manuel Corregedor, COO at Telspace Systems.

"Hackathons are about helping young people to be innovative, while seeking solutions to serious societal challenges. The root cause of lack of ICT skills among the youth in this country is the lack of access to adequate IT resources, which assist in skills development,"
- Tiyani Nghonyama, COO of skills development at Geekulcha.

"Budding hackers help security experts think outside the box."

The low-down from 2017

No sleep pays off at #SS17HACK
19 May 2017 - by Staff Writer

With software development, you don't have to stay up all night and eat junk food. But it seems to help.

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Budding hackers help security experts think outside the box
17 May 2017 - by Matthew Burbidge and Sibahle Malinga

Deep inside Vodaworld, a group of young hackers get to grips with the next generation of security products.

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#SS17HACK extends to Northern Cape
28 Apr 2017 - by Kirsten Doyle

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism commissions a parallel Security Hackathon in Kimberley.

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Security Summit 2017 announces its first hackathon
23 Feb 2017 - by Kirsten Doyle

The hackathon is challenging disruptive innovators to build the most secure systems possible, says ITWeb.

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Potential topics for 2018

  • Blockchain
  • Security for tech start-ups
  • The evolution of HR in the age of AI
  • IOT and embedded systems

Check this:

What should you expect?

  • Attend a full day of training free of charge
    IDEATHON 2018
    Date: 21 April 2018
    Venue: National Bank Building, 6th Floor, 40 Simmonds Street, JHB
    Time: 09h00 to 16h00 (compulsory if you intend joining us on 22 & 23 May)
  • Attend SAFEHACK (14-15 April, Centurion) to ramp up your skills and prepare for SS18Hack
  • A total of 36 hours of non-stop innovation
  • Live streaming to follow 'hackers' in the Northern Cape province
  • Live streaming of your shenanigans to the Security Summit attendees
  • Mentors at your disposal 24/7
  • Access to expertise from our attendees throughout the day
  • Prizes and giveaways galore
  • Transport to and from a predetermined spot
  • Food and drinks around the clock
  • Keep your energy levels up on an excess of coffee, energy drinks and jelly-babies
  • Take a power nap on our comfy poufs
  • Free Internet access

Who should attend?

  • Students
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Developers (software and hardware)
  • Designers (graphics and systems)
  • Analysts (business and systems)

Win big at #SS18HACK

First prize R 20.000

Second prize R 10.000

Third prize R 5.000

Looking for a mentor, access to some of the greatest minds in infosec both locally and internationally, or want to grab one of the internships on offer? Then this is your chance!


What is an Ideathon and why should you attend?

An Ideathon is a one-day training and networking opportunity with the goal of bringing together students from different IT and computer science disciplines and backgrounds to share their ideas.

Attend and benefit from:

  • A full day of training and networking
  • Meet the #SS18HACK mentors and judges and share your ideas
  • Learn from information security experts
  • Gain insight into infosec and how it impacts on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and much more...
  • Enjoy downtime over snacks and cool drink

IDEAthon is a unique opportunity for students and local leaders to network, collaborate and exchange ideas while having fun.

Ideas will be mapped into specific categories and you will get to present these in a stand-up format during Mocktail Hour!

The best idea will win a place at #SS18HACK, other spot prizes will be allocated for the coolest idea, most radical idea in category 'X' or even the craziest idea.

This is a compulsory day if you wish to participate in #SS18HACK!
Book this date in your diary now and stand a chance to compete against the best-of-the-best on 22 & 23 May 2018.


Date: 21 April 2018
Venue: National Bank Building, 6th Floor, 40 Simmonds Street, JHB
Time: 09h00 to 16h00

Earn yourself a bonus point...participate in SAFEHACK2018 14 – 15 April 2018

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