21 - 25 May 2018

28 & 29 May 2018


Conference Day 1

Mikko Hypponen

chief research officer, F-Secure

April Wright

senior manager: information security and compliance, Verizon (USA)

Jayson Street

VP: infosec, SphereNY

Conference Day 2

Rodrigo Branco

senior principal security researcher, Intel

Speaker details:

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer, F-Secure

Worldwide authority on computer hacking and security issues.
Listed as a 'Top 100 Global Thinker' by Foreign Policy Magazine.
His Ted Talk is the most watched on 'Online Security', viewed by 1.5 million+ people and translated into 40 languages.

Mikko Hypponen is a global security expert. He has worked at F-Secure since 1991. Hypponen has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American, and he appears frequently on international TV. He has lectured at the universities of Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. He was selected among the 50 most important people on the Web by the PC World magazine and was included in the FP Global 100 Thinkers list. Hypponen is a member of the board of the Nordic Business Forum. He sits on the advisory boards of t2, Social Safeguard and Hoxhunt, and in the advisory panel for the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Op-eds and columns by Mikko Hypponen

Speaking engagements

Hypponen has keynoted at events like TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, EDIST in Toronto, DLD in Münich, Forum the la Haute Horlogerie in Lausanne, and at various IDC events.

His other speaking clients include SXSW, DLD, Google Zeitgeist, MWC, CeBIT, several oil and gas companies in the Middle East, and banks in Europe and in South Africa. He has also addressed the EU Parliament on privacy topics and lectured at the Universities of Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge.

Hypponen has delivered the most watched online security talk on the Internet. This is his TED Talk from 2011.

Endorsements and recommendations

"Mikko exhibits a remarkable capacity to make complex technical concepts easy to understand, uncoupling the relevant from the mere buzz, and bringing notable anecdotes and first-hand accounts to his storytelling."
Bruno Giussani — European director, TED

"We organised an event where Mikko made a presentation to a diverse group of 400 senior executives. He was extremely engaging and informative. His presentation was a nice blend of the latest facts and informed predictions delivered in an entertaining style. I would highly recommend Mikko for an enlightening look at the latest trends on cyber security." Michael Wade — Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland

"Mikko made us think and he made us laugh. As a speaker, he was very knowledgeable and inspirational. He made us hope that the talk wouldn't end just yet!" Emilia Häyrynen – MSD


The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data 2017 - By Kevin Mitnick (author),‎ Mikko Hypponen (foreword),‎ Robert Vamosi (contributor)

April Wright, senior manager: information security and compliance, Verizon (USA)

April C Wright is an information security speaker, author for O'Reilly, community leader, and a generalist hacker with 25+ years of breaking, making, fixing, and protecting "all the things" while playing roles on offensive, defensive, reactive, operational, and development teams.

Wright has collected dozens of certifications to add letters at the end of her name and recently almost died in Dracula's secret staircase. Nevertheless, she persisted and still roams the globe teaching both hackers and non-security people how to protect personal privacy and the most important assets that impact our lives.

She has been a speaker and contributor at conferences including BlackHat, DefCamp, DerbyCon, OWASP and ISSA, started multiple businesses, co-founded the Boston DC617 community, and you may have spotted her replying to your Global DEF CON Groups emails.

Wright is a polymath who has been working with Verizon to build more secure software from the ground up by wielding a pragmatic SDLC carrot-stick guidance system and performing risk reduction with a vengeance via comprehensive governance and compliance programmes for massive global infrastructures.

Wright once read on 'The Interwebs' that researchers at the University of North Carolina released a comprehensive report in 2014 confirming that she is the "most significant and interesting person currently inhabiting the earth", so it must be true.

Speaking engagements

  • Black Hat 2017
  • BSides Boston 2017
  • DerbyCon
  • Defcamp
  • ISSA

Endorsements and recommendations

"I have had the pleasure of working with April for close to seven years at Verizon Business. During that time, I have seen April not only handle her daily work load in the Security group, she also tackled and solved some complex reporting and configuration issues that our groups faced, drastically increasing productivity while saving the company thousands of dollars by doing the work in-house. April is a consummate professional always handling every task with finesse and speed. I would highly recommend April as she would be a great asset to any company."
James Ewing

"April was a member of my project team during an ITIL CMDB implementation. She brought tremendous talent to the team to help keep the effort on track. She quickly came up to speed on new tools and delivered her tasks on-time, despite nearly impossible obstacles. I don't think we would have been as successfully as we were without her participation." Kevin McCarty, Senior Director, Global Security Governance, Risk, & Compliance

"April has an extensive knowledge of multiple applications, development languages, and operating systems. She is able to use all of her knowledge and experience to effectively troubleshoot issues, and resolve them quickly. She is exceptionally professional, and very attentive to detail; always seeking to resolve technical issues with long-term solutions. She would make an excellent addition to any team." Dan Frantz, security engineer, Project Manager

Honours and awards

Winner, CTF in Advanced OSINT for Social Engineers @ DerbyCon Most Interesting, Most Important Individual On Earth

Rodrigo Branco, senior principal security researcher, Intel

Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) works as senior principal security researcher at Intel Corporation in the Security Center of Excellence, where he leads the STORM (STrategic Offensive Research & Mitigations) team. Previous to that, he led the Core Client and BIOS Teams. He is the founder of the Dissect || PE Malware Analysis Project. Branco held positions as director of Vulnerability & Malware Research at Qualys and as chief security research at Check Point, where he founded the Vulnerability Discovery Team (VDT) and released dozens of vulnerabilities in many important software. In 2011, he was honoured as one of the top contributors of Adobe. Previous to that, he worked as senior vulnerability researcher in COSEINC, as principal security researcher at Scanit, and as staff software engineer in the IBM Advanced Linux Response Team (ALRT) also working in the IBM Toolchain (Debugging) Team for the PowerPC Architecture. He is a member of the RISE Security Group and is one of the organisers of the Hackers to Hackers Conference (H2HC), the oldest security research conference in Latin America. He is an active contributor to open-source projects (like ebizzy, linux kernel, others).

Specialties: security and vulnerability researching, operating system internals, software exploitation, malware analysis

Speaking engagements

He has spoken in many security and open source related events as Black Hat, Hack in The Box, XCon, OLS, Defcon, Hackito, Zero Nights, PhDays, Troopers, Andsec, Ekoparty and many others. Branco is also part of the committee for many security conferences, such as Black Hat USA/Europe/Asia (invited reviewer), PhDays, Hackito, NoSuchCon, Opcde, CCNC, LACSEC and others.

Endorsements and recommendations

"Rodrigo Branco lives up to his reputation in the security industry. As a researcher, his knowledge about computer fundamentals and computability makes him to understand and get conclusions about the best(s) scenario(s) very fast. It is impressive how easy he can model and explain complex concepts in a simple way. Also, he never gets away from any real challenge.
As a leader, his behaviour – defending the team and the company – inspires people around him. He is very smart and always come up with good solutions, even for the worst issues/scenarios. His commitment with the quality of the deliverables ensures results that go beyond the expectations, always delivered in the scheduled time."

Ygor da Rocha Parreira, Senior Security Researcher, Intel Corporation

"It's hard not to remember someone so sharp like Rodrigo. Apart the fact of being one of the most important infosec professionals around the world, he's also very creative, enjoyable and shows a dedication to innovating that's undoubtedly upper standard. In one talk, you can notice that he has an excellent seeking behaviour of a civic-oriented hacker mind-set that keeps working all the time, which allows him to find solutions and flaws in an increasingly demanding, rapid pace. I'd be pleased to work with him anytime. Highly recommended." Diego Matos Martins, Senior Manager, EY

"Rodrigo is an expert, well known in his field with the best reputation. With vast knowledge, great ability to think out of the box, accompanied by the (rarely found) ability to see the large picture, he is truly one of the best security researchers out there. Working with Rodrigo was always both a pleasure and educational." Tomer Teller, principal security programme manager, Azure Security, Microsoft


He is an active contributor to open-source projects (like ebizzy, linux kernel, others).

Jayson Street, VP: infosec, SphereNY

Street's life story can be found on Google under "Jayson E. Street".

He is a highly carbonated speaker who has partaken of pizza from Beijing to Brazil.

Speaking engagements

Jayson Street has also spoken at DEFCON, DerbyCon, UCON and at several other CONs and colleges on a variety of information security subjects.

Endorsements and recommendations

Street was chosen as one of Time's persons of the year for 2006.

"I have known Jayson for almost 20 years. He has become one of the most knowledgeable people in the Internet security world. Jayson and I have worked on many cases and I have hired him for all of my jobs that required the best person in their field. If you are looking for 'outstanding' help, he is the person to call. His book is also a great read."
Tom Johnson, Owner/Director at Tom Jonson Institute

"I would highly recommend Jayson Street to anyone serious about maintaining the security of their IT Infrastructure. Jayson is one of the few people that has been able to detect our inbound attacks during the delivery of stealth and even distributed advanced penetration tests. He has in-depth knowledge about intrusion detection technologies, their deployment, and extraordinary experience in designing and deploying secure network architecture. Additionally, Jayson is an expert with regards to cyber-warfare and new bleeding edge attack methodologies and motivation. As a result of his combined expertise, he's an ideal person to have on your side if you're trying to maintain a strong defensive IT capability." Adriel Desautels, internationally recognised security expert, author and speaker, CEO Penetration Testing Company, Netragard

"Jayson's presentations on cyber warfare are very informative and cover a wide range of issues. His views on conflict in cyberspace are incredibly practical. Street has the vision needed to help foster our cyber national strategy; his work is serious and his mission is clear: to help foster cyber security awareness in the world. I recommend his work to anyone serious about information security." Paul De Souza, founder, director and president at Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI.US)


I'm an author of the book 'Dissecting the hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network' plus creator of the site


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