21 - 25 May 2018

28 & 29 May 2018


Jason Suttie, head of engineering, The Foundery: RMB's disruption and innovation unit

Jason Suttie

Head of engineering, The Foundery: RMB’s disruption and innovation unit

Born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Jason grew up spending large amounts of his time writing programmes in any programming language he could get his hands on. This keen interest, led to a post-graduate Engineering degree at WITS with focus on Computer Science and telecommunications. Head of engineering at The Foundery: RMB's disruption and innovation unit technical leadership is a natural fit for Jason, and his career in telecommunications, enterprise software and consulting lead him to his career at RMB in 2010. Jason became head of development and integration – which later expanded to Head of Core Technology to encompass a broader portfolio that included BI. Jason established strong Centres of Excellence as well as introduced Agile to RMB. In 2015 Jason also become an ambassador in the DevOps movement in South Africa, as well as internationally. Jason most recently ran the RMB head of technical architecture role and now fills the head of engineering role at Foundery which officially started late 2016.

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