21 - 25 May 2018

28 & 29 May 2018


Richard Bailey, IT director, Virgin Active South Africa

Richard Bailey

IT director, Virgin Active South Africa

Richard Bailey, IT director at Virgin Active South Africa, is responsible for the full ICT portfolio. Before joining Virgin Active, Bailey worked as a business consultant at Accenture and then as the CTO for Fundamo, a pioneering start-up in the mobile payments space that was eventually acquired by Visa Inc. Bailey is excited about the possibilities in this digital era to see technology and culture change the way exercise products are delivered to consumers. He's an advocate of lean thinking and the success of agility in delivering technology solutions and products at speed.

Richard Bailey will be speaking on the following topic:

Mini-Workshop Personality traits meet cyber security

The art of "people hacking", or social engineering, uses psychological techniques to trick people into revealing information, installing malicious software or participating in scams. Research has shown that certain personality traits make people more (and less) likely to fall prey to specific attacks or scams. This talk explores the above hypothesis, based on actual research carried out, which combines personality traits and security knowledge and behaviour.

  • Deeper understanding of how personality traits influence online behaviour
  • How to use this data in security culture and awareness programmes
  • Security awareness best practices


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