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Pinky Kekana, MPDeputy Minister of Communications Hon. Pinky Kekana, MP

Welcome & Introduction

Gary de MenezesGary de Menezes, Managing Director, Micro Focus South Africa
Gareth de Laporte, Channel & Alliances Manager South Africa, Micro Focus

Extreme Performance – Cape to Rio Unassisted Row

Braam Malherbe Braam Malherbe, International speaker | extreme adventurer | conservationist youth developer | author | MC

Under extreme pressure and difficult circumstances your options are either failure or peak performance. Braam shares the story of his third world-first achievement: rowing unassisted from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro all in the name of the DOT Challenge. Tremendous challenges face him from start to finish including near collisions, sleep deprivation and dehydration. He will outline his challenges and explain how this adventure would not have been possible without the use of technology.

  • Dreaming big, planning well and minimising risk;
  • Overcome obstacles and developing resilience;
  • The power of interconnectivity spurred on by technology;
  • How technology gives us all the opportunity to make a difference; and
  • How technology has assisted in this heart stopping adventure
EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE Digital Transformation – People, Process and Panic

Chris LiveseyChris Livesey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Micro Focus

Most companies are facing significant challenges with how to balance the available internal resources with the external market opportunity, requiring some very clear thinking about how to prioritise, plan and execute digital transformation projects. The top-down strategy must somewhere meet the bottom-up realities, and it can sometimes be very difficult to even get started in a meaningful way. The presentation will provide a perspective on how companies can innovate faster, with lower risk, while focusing on the highest value activities (….with maybe a little less panic).

Comfort Break
CXO Breakaway Session (By-Invitation Only)
IT4IT - Managing the digital transformation end to end

Lars Rossen Lars Rossen, Micro Focus Fellow, Ph.D. MBA, Member of the Chief Technology Office

Micro Focus Fellow Lars Rossen co-inventor of IT4IT and in charge of the end to end architecture of Micro Focus will present what it takes to be in control of your digital transformation. Starting with the 4 essential focus areas he will take you on a fast paces tour of the 10 master use cases and 11 functional areas that ties it all together.

Key Customer Address Enabling government through SITA

Portia Matsena, Acting Executive Industry Transformation, SITA

Industry Keynote Journey to digital transformation

Poppy TshabalalaPoppy Tshabalala, Vice Principal : ICT & CIO at the University of South Africa

Poppy Tshabalala will speak to her digital transformation journey spanning more than 20 years in the ICT sector both in the Public and Private Sector in South Africa culminating in her current role as vice principal: ICT & CIO at UNISA. This is her story documenting the changes she has experienced in technology and how this has impacted her journey.

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Track One: Enterprise DevOps

Track Opening by Chairperson

Carlos GutierrezCarlos Gutierrez, ADM International GTM Leader, Micro Focus

Bridging the gap between Manual and Automation testing

Veletia WorthingtonVeletia Worthington, senior systems analyst, Discovery Life Systems

Our DevOps journey has led us down many paths, continuous testing being one of them. Early on, we identified the need for a solid foundation in order to build our desired testing framework and component library in order to achieve the below objectives:

  • A comprehensive library of Reusable Test components.
  • Fully automatable Regression test packs.
  • Test Case structure that aligns with Business Architecture and System Architecture components.
  • End-to-end Traceability from Requirement initiation, through analysis, development (source code), testing (Manual/Automated) and implementation.
  • Better transparency and ‘test metering’ to measure coverage and quality.
  • Our journey has started with up-skilling, establishing a new Way of Work and mentorship to ensure that the principles are correctly applied. Our toolset comprises Jira, integration with Quality Center, BPT and UFT and I will show the use of each of these tools in the presentation.
Leg Stretch
Performance Validation in the Spotlight

John Hibbert, RBB technical test services, ABSA

Panel Discussion Does DevOps deliver on the ideals it promises? Come listen to a panel discussion addressing the experiences and challenges of going DevOps.

Carlos GutierrezCarlos Gutierrez, ADM International GTM Leader, Micro Focus
Veletia Worthington, senior systems analyst, Discovery Life Systems
Bethuel Lebeya, QA Manager, FNB
Yosheen Padayachee, CIO, MMI Holdings
Rene van der Zanden, director NESA, professional services, Micro
Warren Fisher, Product Manager: ADM and Big Data, EOH
Stephen James Smith, software business consultant, Micro Focus
Sipho Mogapi, Managing Director, Lubanzi-ICT Consulting (SMME)

The impact of digital transformation on organisations

Sekhwela MokgalaSekhwela Mokgala, digital systems manager, Axiz

As you are all no doubt aware digital transformation is reconfiguring the way businesses operate, posing the question how can innovative value be sustained while remaining relevant to dynamic markets. Technology also presents new risks to businesses such as cyber security, scale, compliance and governance. Sekhwela Mokgala explains that a new approach is required to deliver value to ever demanding, digitally savvy partners and consumers and unwraps the complexities of a digital platform business model. Will gain insight into: key customer case studies; invaluable insight into the pro’s and con’s of digital transformation; how to implement a digital business model

David ChristieDavid Christie, Managing Director, Accenture - DevSecOps Survey Results Revealed

Close with Entertainment and Cocktails

Track Two: Hybrid IT Management

Track Opening by Chairperson

 Gopal Krishna Ramachandra, International ITOM Leader, Micro Focus

Service Assurance

Tony Raphael, IT Operations Manager, Vodacom

Leg Stretch
Cognitive Engineering – Intelligent Enterprise RPA Adoption

Jonathon Wright is a digital therapist, strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist

In the digital reality, technology is no longer just the enabler and it is what it is to be human, the ability to continuously learn and evolve. The approaches and techniques that worked yesterday, may no longer be the optimum approach for the future. Historically, human processes have been based on linear, sequential activities highly suitable to be replaced by digital engineering practices such as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL). However, robots are no longer mimicking human behaviours, but far surpassing our greatest expectations, traditional hardware and software are now becoming independent self-aware intelligent entities as they continue to journey towards the Singularity. Organisations are investing in adopting cognitive services, these intelligent algorithms to understand and interpret your business needs through natural languages are help drive omni-channel delivery that are extremely responsive to customer sentiment. Blurring the boundaries with Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) and Enterprise Bots adoption becoming ever more prevalent and resilient in the face of unpredictable failure modes, whilst still being able to process huge amounts of unstructured data, embarking onto this third wave of artificial intelligence and the art of abstract thinking.

Panel Discussion Are you moving to the cloud, why? Automation high on your agenda? Relevance of transform and run? New innovation and trends.

 Gopal Krishna Ramachandra, International ITOM Leader, Micro Focus
Tony Raphael , IT Operations Manager, Vodacom
Keith Webster, Senior Architect Cloud Infrastructure and Security, MTN Boost
Arun Kumar K Tirumala, Group Practice Head – Business Development, Solutions & Pre-sales, IT Automation Alliance Management Tech Mahindra Bangalore
Pradeep Roy, Cloud Advisory Lead for Africa, Accenture
Daniel Fourie, SA Telco Network Core Operations, Strategy and Special Projects, Openserve

Application Performance Management

Keith Webster, Senior Architect Cloud Infrastructure and Security, MTN Boost

David ChristieDavid Christie, Managing Director, Accenture - DevSecOps Survey Results Revealed

Close with Entertainment and Cocktails

Track Three: Security, Risk and Governance

Track Opening by Chairperson

Chris BarngroverChris Barngrover, security strategist, Micro Focus

MTN’s critical information security controls journey: A case study

Justin WilliamsJustin Williams, Executive: Group Information Security, MTN

A brief glimpse into MTN’s journey towards implementing a standardised set of critical information security controls across pan-African group of companies. We will cover the journey, challenges, learnings and next steps. Attendees will get some insight into pitfalls to avoid and ideas to accelerate their journey.

Leg Stretch
‘Alphabet Soup’ – Making business sense of regulation and lessons from the real world

Andrew WilmotAndrew Wilmot, executive lead - PCI data security, Standard Bank

Panel Discussion Have you ever had your identity subject to theft? Maybe you want to know why data should be private!

Alex RamirezAlex Ramirez, security, risk and governance strategist, Micro Focus
Johann Schoeman, manager cyber defence operations centres, NEC XON
Andrew Wilmot, executive lead - Pci data security, Standard Bank
Chris Barngrover, security strategist, Micro Focus
Andrew Whittaker, Practice Lead, Ubusha
Boas Chauke, CEO and founder, BOATech
Simeon Tassev, managing director, Galix Networking

Arcsight gets physical

Johann SchoemanJohann Schoeman, manager cyber defence operations centres, NEC XON

David ChristieDavid Christie, Managing Director, Accenture - DevSecOps Survey Results Revealed

Close with entertainment and cocktails

Track Four: Enterprise Modernisation and Connectivity & Predictive Analytics

Track Opening by Chairperson

Eric RousseauEric Rousseau, regional sales leader, Vertica
Justin Agar, Account Executive – Hybrid IT, Micro Focus

SYSPRO’s Journey to the Cloud

Russell HollickRussell Hollick, Chief Software Architect, SYSPRO (Pty) Ltd.

ERP is a highly competitive environment with both traditional on-premise vendors and born-in-the-cloud contenders vying for business. The session will provide some insights about SYSPRO's journey to the Cloud including Micro Focus technology. Topics will include: hybrid technologies; on-premise vs cloud models; security; microservices; SQL as a Service and how SYSPRO has leveraged agile and DevOps processes to deliver their product 30% faster.

Leg Stretch
From green screen to the Universe and beyond

Nigel BirdNigel Bird, Chief Executive Officer, PayDay Software Systems

The constant evolution of product modernisation through a hybrid technology approach.

Changing the way people think and work to help their businesses thrive

Philip MeyerPhilip Meyer, vice president product delivery, Sage

Looking at how Sage was able to take their customers and colleagues on a change journey by way of innovation.

Why Change? Why Now? Building a Digital Data-Driven Enterprise

Eric RousseauEric Rousseau, regional sales leader, Vertica

Eric’s presentation talks about the Point of View on how to become a data-driven company and how Vertica has been pivotal in this new economy. Topics covered in the presentation:

  • The New Economy – Enterprises must change or they will die!
  • Barriers to change – organizational and technology
  • Why many Digital Data-driven Initiatives are failing
  • What do new economy leaders do different in terms of data platforms: The Uber model
  • What is Vertica and why is it different
  • Sample customer cases

David ChristieDavid Christie, Managing Director, Accenture - DevSecOps Survey Results Revealed

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