Chris Livesey

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Micro Focus

As the GM of the Application Modernization and Connectivity Product Group, Chris Livesey is responsible for ensuring Micro Focus can continue to win and support customers with great products, great customer service, and unrivalled technology innovation. Livesey has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry and has held a number of executive positions in software and technology companies, including sales, marketing and consulting. He has extensive experience in software product strategy, sales management, product packaging and demand generation strategies. This has typically been in acquisitive businesses with a focus on company integration, product management, customer and partner management, and organisational change. Livesey is based out of Micro Focus’s Newbury office and lives with his family near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Chris Livesey will be speaking on the following topic:

EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE Digital Transformation – People, Process and Panic

Most companies are facing significant challenges with how to balance the available internal resources with the external market opportunity, requiring some very clear thinking about how to prioritise, plan and execute digital transformation projects. The top-down strategy must somewhere meet the bottom-up realities, and it can sometimes be very difficult to even get started in a meaningful way. The presentation will provide a perspective on how companies can innovate faster, with lower risk, while focusing on the highest value activities (….with maybe a little less panic).

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