Lars Rossen

Lars Rossen

Micro Focus Fellow, Ph.D. MBA, Member of the Chief Technology Office

Lars Rossen is a Micro Focus Fellow working as the chief cross-portfolio architect in the CTO office. His current focus area is the convergence of Security and Operations aka SecOps. Lars created the first version of the IT4IT Reference Architecture when he worked in Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and this formed the basis for the standard in The Open Group. In Micro Focus this is the basis for blueprinting the development of the end to end integration of the Micro Focus portfolio of products. Before his current role in the CTO office he was part of the core team that defined HPEs CloudSystem strategy and associated solution portfolio.

Prior to this Lars headed up HP’s Operational Support System practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa. This was after HP acquired Netman in 2004 where he was the CTO.

Lars holds an MS in engineering, an executive MBA with focus on technology management, and a PhD in computer science from the technical University of Denmark.

Lars Rossen will be speaking on the following topic:

IT4IT - Managing the digital transformation end to end

Micro Focus Fellow Lars Rossen co-inventor of IT4IT and in charge of the end to end architecture of Micro Focus will present what it takes to be in control of your digital transformation. Starting with the 4 essential focus areas he will take you on a fast paces tour of the 10 master use cases and 11 functional areas that ties it all together.

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