Sekhwela Mokgala

Sekhwela Mokgala

Digital Systems Manager, Axiz

Sekhwela Mokgala is a seasoned systems engineering manager from an Industrial & Systems Engineering background. He specializes in the innovation management and design of IT/IS driven operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for scalable platform business models. He prefers a holistic and result-driven, systems thinking, approach to problem solving with the ability to drill into key, intricate business dynamics achieving effective, information-systems driven business process re-engineering and management. Sekhwela’s 12 years of experience in implementing data driven business systems and business process re-engineering are in Mining, Engineering Automation, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, Retail, FMCG and recently ICT Value Added Distribution Services. Currently Sekhwela performs the role of a Digital Systems Manager accountable for the Axiz.Cloud and Axiz.Digital platform business strategy implementation, platform development and innovation management.

B.Eng Industrial and Systems Engineering
MSc.Eng Engineering

Sekhwela Mokgala will be speaking on the following topic:

The impact of digital transformation on organisations

As you are all no doubt aware digital transformation is reconfiguring the way businesses operate, posing the question how can innovative value be sustained while remaining relevant to dynamic markets. Technology also presents new risks to businesses such as cyber security, scale, compliance and governance. Sekhwela Mokgala explains that a new approach is required to deliver value to ever demanding, digitally savvy partners and consumers and unwraps the complexities of a digital platform business model. Will gain insight into: key customer case studies; invaluable insight into the pro’s and con’s of digital transformation; how to implement a digital business model

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