Veletia Worthington

Veletia Worthington

Senior Systems Analyst, Discovery Life Systems

Works as a senior systems analyst at Discovery Life and has a passion for quality and process efficiency.

Veletia Worthington will be speaking on the following topic:

Bridging the gap between Manual and Automation testing

Our DevOps journey has led us down many paths, continuous testing being one of them. Early on, we identified the need for a solid foundation in order to build our desired testing framework and component library in order to achieve the below objectives:

  • A comprehensive library of Reusable Test components.
  • Fully automatable Regression test packs.
  • Test Case structure that aligns with Business Architecture and System Architecture components.
  • End-to-end Traceability from Requirement initiation, through analysis, development (source code), testing (Manual/Automated) and implementation.
  • Better transparency and ‘test metering’ to measure coverage and quality.
  • Our journey has started with up-skilling, establishing a new Way of Work and mentorship to ensure that the principles are correctly applied. Our toolset comprises Jira, integration with Quality Center, BPT and UFT and I will show the use of each of these tools in the presentation.

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