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[PPIB Survey 2012]

About the survey

There is some uncertainty as to whether South African organsations fully understand the Protection of Personal Information Bill (PPIB) and what it means to their business, and also how ready they are to comply with it.

As a result, Deloitte in partnership with ITWeb is conducting survey to determine:

  1)  To what extent organisations are aware and informed about the PPIB.
  2)  To what extent organisations are ready to comply with the PPIB.
  3)  If organisations have investigated how the PPI Act will affect and integrate with other legislation such as CPA and ECT.
  4)  What positive knock-on’s organisations expect to experience due to the implementation of the PPIB.

The results of this survey, together with the winner of the prize draw, will be published on ITWeb.

Your input will be greatly appreciated and will assist us in gaining valuable insight whether South African organisations fully understand the act and if they are ready to comply with it.

Please rest assured that all the information you provide in completing this questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential.

Complete our survey and you can win one of two Sony Bloggies.

Please ensure you enter your contact details when completing the survey to be entered into our draw.

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