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AGENDA OVERVIEW New strategies and tactics: Lessons from the battlefield
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Date: 7 & 8  May 2013
Time: 08h00 - 17h00
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre
Morning plenary sessions
Renowned industry experts and leading analysts are invited to present high-level talks during our plenary sessions. They will provide an essential update by offering an overview of the current landscape and commenting on current trends. They will share practical advice on the way forward for senior business decision-makers, highlighting successful approaches to improved security and reduced breaches.
Keynote speakers:
Day 1 -  Misha Glenny, investigative journalist and leading expert on cybercrime & global mafia networks Day 2 - Richard Bejtlich, chief security officer, MANDIANT

Plenary speakers:
 Adam Ely  Runa Sandvik
Adam Ely, founder & chief operations officer, Bluebox
BYOD: The Risks, Rewards, and Challenges
Runa Sandvik, developer, security researcher, and translation coordinator
Internet Censorship and the Tor Project

In addition to the high-level talks in our plenary sessions, we have six specialised tracks from which to choose. These tracks allow you to gain the expert insight best suited to your most pressing information security needs. The tracks have been carefully designed to cater to the range of delegates that attend Security Summit, whether you are a C-level executive or more technically inclined, there is something for you. Having attended your selected tracks and sessions, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to realise improved results from your IT and information security strategies and initiatives.
Tracks - 7 May
Track 1 Defence in depth
Track 2 Know your enemy
Track 3 C-level security update
Tracks - 8 May
Track 1 Security and compliance
Track 2 New offensive techniques
Track 3 Incident response and forensic approaches

Track 1 Defence in depth
Defence in depth refers to the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures and diverse defensive strategies to manage risk. If one layer of defence turns out to be inadequate, another layer of defence should prevent a full breach. This is based on the idea that a full attack occurs over a chain of events, and not a single, isolated event. During this track you will understand this chain, and how to develop innovative ways of tracking who is attacking them, and build in controls beyond the perimeter.

Key questions this track will answer include:

What is the best strategy to respond to the new security environment for corporate networks (with mobility in mind)?
What key questions should I ask when assessing the security of my organisation?
What security controls should I be considering?


Track 2 Know your enemy
Insiders pose a sizeable threat to organisations. Desperate or disgruntled employees may try to exploit their current or previous companies. Equally worrying would be an incident that was a result of negligence – employees without security awareness are security liabilities. During this track you will learn more about the potential threats from employees and outsiders. In addition, businesses need to be aware of the national approach to cyber security, in order to ensure they are adequately prepared for risk.

Key questions this track will answer include:

What can I do to counter insider threats?
What are the external threats I am most likely to face?
What cyber security threats should I be prepared for?


Track 3 C-level security update
When corporate security is at risk, the entire organisation is at risk. It is necessary for CIOs, CISOs, and other C-Suite executives with a security mandate to be up to date on how to optimise their corporate security, and be informed about key threats. This track will alert the C-Suite to key security concerns they don’t know about, but should. Delegates will be equipped to keep their organisations secure against ever-evolving security threats.

Key questions this track will answer include:

What points can I action in the next fortnight to tighten my organisation’s security?
How can my organisation better defend itself, its staff and key assets?
How can I identify ‘obvious’ gaps in my security policies?


Track 4 Security and compliance
The governance and management of information and technology has become a complex topic. Information security professionals work in an environment in which they have to address a range of threats while meeting regulatory and legal requirements. They also need to cater to the risks of rapid innovation in technology and an increasingly mobile workforce. This track will equip you to address evolving risk. This track will also address the subject of liberation tech. This will look at developing an understanding of how IT can be used to defend human rights, improve governance, empower the poor, promote economic development, and pursue a variety of other social goods that organisations need to be supporting.

Key questions this track will answer include:

How can my organisation meet compliance, audit, regulations and standards requirements?
How do I incorporate vulnerability and patch management into my GRC initiative?
How can I automate IT GRC within my organisation?


Track 5 New offensive techniques
The world of infosec is very dynamic. Even seasoned security professionals are faced with the new challenges brought about by smart devices, social networks, virtualisation, cloud computing, malware and regulations. The new offensive techniques track reveals the latest attack methods that organisations need to be aware of. This track will inform you about new challenges, and ways in which to overcome these.

Key questions this track will answer include:

When embracing BYOD, what security issues should be a priority?
Which new security threats should be on my radar?
How can my organisation stay ahead of security threats?


Track 6 Incident response and forensic approaches
As infosec professionals get more involved in incidents day to day, they need to know how to handle situations, and to be aware of what and how the forensics aspect works. It is essential to have an accurate idea of the risk your organisation faces. Learn how to create a plan for exactly what to do before, during, and after an incident. This track will inform you of the technical and administrative details of effective incident response planning, as well as which tools are available to you.

Key questions this track will answer include:

How can our security team prepare for and respond to any emergency incident?
How to do we assess the possible damage from an incident?
How do we preserve the integrity of the evidence?


Operators monitor for attacks
17 Apr 2013 – Distributed denial of service strikes can cause major traffic headaches for cellphone companies.
Desperately seeking cyber security skills
17 Apr 2013 – Skills training in SA is on par with international standards, but the country does not have enough experts to prevent cyber attacks, says UJ’s Basie von Solms.
Spending needed to thwart attacks
11 Apr 2013 – Most security issues can be contained to some extent, if companies are prepared to invest.
SA fails on forensic readiness
4 Apr 2013 – Forensic readiness is crucial to successful investigations and prosecutions, yet few South African firms are prepared, says Cyanre.
Cyber security risk cannot be eliminated
25 March 2013 – In the past two years, there has been remarkable development and spread in organised hacking of corporates, says expert.
IT-based fraud on the increase
25 March 2013 – The ease with which fraudsters can acquire tools needed to commit fraud and the explosion in data are contributing to the growth, says Paladion.
BYOD - no turning back
20 March 2013 – For most organisations, it's too late to stop BYOD, but it's not too late to manage it, says a security expert.
Formulating an attack-focused security plan
26 Feb 2013 – To successfully formulate an attack-focused plan, start with an assessment to find live attackers on the network, says MANDIANT.
Info security needs new focus
12 Feb 2013 – Information security has to shift beyond perimeter protection to understanding the attacker, says De Beers.
SA progresses in cyber crime fight
8 Feb 2013 – Moves are afoot to get SA’s cyber crime policing up to speed with the rest of the world, says ISG.
Understanding "bad guys" key in cyber warfare
6 Jan 2013 – Offence-oriented defence has become key in the battle against cyber crime, according to a security expert.
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Unified security management key to rapid response
24 Apr 2013 - Visibility of the entire ecosystem, and immediate access to necessary information, is key to effectively managing information security, says McAfee.
Consolidation: a new infosec imperative
17 Apr 2013 – Addressing multiple security areas with a variety of solutions can result in weak points and areas being overlooked, says McAfee.
Security certificates 'an infosec weak spot'
12 Apr 2013 – Malware with embedded digital security certificates can easily penetrate enterprise systems, says Venafi.
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Fees listed below exclude VAT 
Conference only 7 & 8 May
Early Bird delegate fee R 5,280.00
Standard delegate fee R 6,210.00
Conference 7 & 8 May + workshop 9 May
Early Bird delegate fee R 6,451.50
Standard delegate fee R 7,590.00
Workshop 9 May
Workshop 1: Governance of information security
Workshop 2: Digital forensics
Workshop 3: BYOD security risks
Early Bird delegate fee R 2,310.00
Standard delegate fee R 2,720.00
Delegates who attended a previous ITWeb's Security Summit qualify for VIP status. Should you qualify please contact Maggie Pienaar on (011) 807-3294 for more details .
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Please note that in order to qualify for this discounted rate early bird rate, you will need to register and pay before Friday 5 April 2013. Included in your early bird fee is a FREE one-year subscription to Brainstorm Magazine worth R290.

This event is aimed at senior Info Sec professionals, and would include people with the following job responsibilities:
CIOs, CISOs and CFOs
Chief security, risk, compliance, process and technology officers
Senior business executives whose jobs include enterprise security responsibilities
Senior business executives whose jobs include critical infrastructure protection
Information security managers and directors
Information security staff network and systems security administrators
Enterprise security architects
Business continuity managers
Data security professionals
IT auditors
IT/MIS staff
Internet security managers
Systems planners and analysts
Security analysts
Systems administrators
Software and application developers
Software engineers
Technical and support specialists
Systems integrators
App and mobile developers
Strategic planners

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