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[Disaster Recovery Survey]

Key findings

  • According to the research, the majority of organisations (78.95%) do have a disaster recovery/business continuity plan in place, while 16.54% do not, and 4.51% are unsure.
  • The survey also discovered that 65.35% of respondents are making use of hosted services for their disaster recovery and continuity service, 57.43% stated work area recovery, and 49.50% said standby services, 42.57% co-location services and 15.84% said other.
  • When asked what the reasons are for organisations not having disaster recovery/business continuity plan in place, 29.17% said cost, 8.33% said connectivity and half (50%) selected other.
  • Interestingly, 20.97% of organisations do not carry out full scenario testing of their disaster recovery/business continuity plans, while 16.13% do so every 6 months and 15.32% on a quarterly basis.
  • More than three-quarters of the respondents (37.9%) noted their organisation spends less than 10% of their IT budget on disaster recovery capabilities, 26.61% spends between 11-30% and only 4.03% spends between 31-50% of their IT budget.
  • It also emerged that 45.97% of respondents indicated that their organisation’s annual business continuity management budget is less that R100k, 25% stated between R100k – R500k, and 10.16% said it was more than R1 million.
  • The survey revealed that the biggest concern with putting mission critical applications in the cloud was security (42.5%), while accessibility came in second at 20.89% and 13.33% stated that there are no concerns.