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[Contact Centre Survey 2013]

Key findings

  • An overwhelming majority of the survey respondents (83.33%) cited that their customer experience is extremely important, a small amount (16%) said it is important and a mere 0.67% said it was not very important.
  • A small amount of respondents (24.67%) said that they do not have a customer experience strategy in place, however 64.67% cited that they do, while only 10.67% remained unsure.
  • When asked whether their organisation has asked their customers what their service expectations are the majority replied yes they have (69.33%), and 19.33% have not.
  • According to the survey 80.47% of respondents said their contact centre is very important in providing excellent customer service and experience, a small amount (10.94%) said it is somewhat important and only 3.91% said it is not important.
  • It also emerged that a large amount of respondents (67.19%) are using CRM to support their customer experience, 53.91% are using customer feedback tools and 43.75% are using IVR/self-service
  • Email scored the highest (96.88%) when the respondents were asked what method of interaction is used with their customers, live agent via telephone came in second at 83.59% and website preference came in third at 75.78%.
  • It appears that technologies and processes need more attention from organisations as only 18.75% that these two areas where integrated across the various channels of customer touch points
  • 53.13% of respondents felt that customers should receive an immediate answer via telephone once they have submitted a query, while 29.69% felt that it is acceptable for an email to be answered 10 minutes or over.