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Wednesday 26 October 2016

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An ITWeb webinar in partnership with HPE

Today’s big data technologies allow businesses to extract valuable insight from rapidly growing volumes of data. However, getting the most from data resources requires rethinking the way an enterprise collects, processes, stores, manages and analyses data.

Join the free-to-attend Webinar, brought to you by HPE in partnership with ITWeb, and hear how you can use the Apollo System to solve your big data problems.

HPE is leading the market in terms of this specific type of data-centric compute through Apollo. Greig Lilienfeld, senior data centre architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will talk about the methodologies in building big data solutions along with our partnerships in the space.

This Webinar can help crystallise your big data vision and identify the impact big data will have on your IT infrastructure.

Attend this Webinar and get the answers to some pressing big data questions:

  • How do I store and manage that much data at scale?
  • How do I store and manage non-traditional data sources like social media, clickstreams, machine and sensor data, video, etc?
  • How do I scale processing to analyse that much data?
  • How do I provide my customers with a better experience than my competitors?
  • How do I do this in a way that is cost-effective?

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Date: Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Time: 10am (GMT+2)
Duration: 1 hour

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Greig Lilienfeld

Greig Lilienfeld
Greig Lilienfeld is a senior data centre architect, experienced in server, storage, networking and automation, providing in-depth understanding and value to enterprise solution design.

Lilienfeld joined HPE South Africa in 2005 as a disaster recovery specialist. Since that time, his career path has driven him through various business units and respective roles within the organisation.


  • Discover - Learn why the Internet of Things and Big Data are a perfect match
  • Scale - Optimise scale, performance and cost-efficiency for each type of data and manage volume, velocity and variety accordingly. Use HPE Apollo to provide just the capacity and performance you need with scale-up and scale-out, workload-optimised solutions
  • Economics - Enjoy significant capital and operating expense savings with high-density economic building blocks for efficient implementations at scale.
  • Community - Talk to our product experts and tap into an extended ecosystem of partners, integrators, and ISV’s


Individual and groups in the following roles:

  • (Snr) BI analyst/data architect/scientist/developer/manager/specialist
  • Analyst programmers
  • BI managers
  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs
  • Data centre managers
  • Database administrators
  • Directors and business owners
  • Enterprise architects
  • Financial data analysts
  • GIS analysts
  • Heads and managers of business units/departments
  • Heads and managers of IT
  • Heads and managers of IT operations
  • Information architects
  • Infrastructure planners/architects
  • IT directors
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT managers
  • Managers – data management
  • Network and systems engineers
  • Network infrastructure managers
  • Network planning managers
  • Operations managers
  • Solution architects
  • Storage managers/architects
  • Strategic/business planning managers
  • System analysts
  • Technical account managers/consultants/directors
  • Technical operations managers DC
  • Technology directors/managers

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