Tuesday 5 November 2019
09:00 – 14:00
The Maslow Hotel, Sandton

Maximise your investments with the right hybrid multicloud strategy using the best open technology and platforms that scale

The cloud is entrenched, and early misgivings have been overcome. Yet only 20% of enterprise workloads are running in the cloud today. 98% of organisations plan to adopt multicloud architectures by 2021, but only 41% have a multicloud management strategy. Research shows that this is largely due to complexity: with most enterprises using multiple cloud vendors and services, the environment has become more complex than ever before.

The time has come to accelerate your Journey to Cloud.

In an era in which enterprises gain control and oversight of an integrated, intelligent hybrid multi cloud environment, future-proofing their infrastructure and allowing them to innovate and capitalise on data goldmines is paramount.

IBM, through its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat earlier this year, has set in place the foundations for these open, hybrid cloud platforms and toolsets of the future. Now, IBM Services has designed the roadmaps to take enterprises into the next era of cloud.

At this IBM Multicloud Services Executive Forum, moderated by tech and media personality Aki Anastasiou, CIOs, CTOs and CDOs will discover how IBM’s landmark new platforms will future-proof their cloud and overall IT strategies as well as how cloud migration, management and optimisation have become simpler and more efficient, and why each enterprise’s cloud journey is unique.

If you are on a journey to:

Define your cloud strategy
Elevate your application innovation
Unlock the value of your data
Manage your multi-cloud architecture more effectively

This is a great opportunity to explore real world client stories, join in conversation with IBM and exchange ideas with your peers.

Why should you attend?

  • Find out what Cloud Chapter 2 will mean for your organisation.
  • Discover a faster, more secure Journey to the Cloud.
  • Learn how IBM and Red Hat can help you build and deploy across multicloud and existing IT to maximise ROI with a flexible, open-source approach.
  • Explore real world client stories and join in conversation with IBM and your peers.

Who should attend?

CIOs, CTOs, CDOS, IT managers and digital strategists seeking to define their cloud strategy, elevate application innovation, unlock the value of data and manage multicloud architecture more effectively.

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IBM and Red Hat – Smart is open. Open is smart.

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