Intelligence 2019

20 August 2019
The Forum, Bryanston

Following the success of our 2018 ITWeb AI Summit, we are proud to announce that we are rolling out our second annual Artificial Intelligence 2019 Summit. This year, we are aiming to bring even more end-users, thought leaders and technology providers to share the current AI trends.

During the event, we will be exploring the real life applications of AI and how it can improve the way organisations conduct business. We will explore AI in all its verticals, such as AI in customer experience and how it can improve business intelligence. Join us and learn how AI can be incorporated into your business and how it can be applied across industries and departments.


11 Jul 2019 - by Kirsten Doyle Meet Libby, Africa’s first robotic librarian, at ITWeb's AI Summit
Meet Libby, Africa’s first robotic librarian, at ITWeb's AI Summit

The University of Pretoria Library wil share the lessons about implementing a service robot.

11 Jun 2019 - by ITWeb Tellos founder to present at ITWeb AI 2019
Tellos founder to present at ITWeb AI 2019

Jared Molko will present the keynote address at ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2019, to be held in Johannesburg on 20 August.

Keynote Speaker

Jared Molko

Ex-Googler | Tech Humanist

As we enter into a new technological age, Jared is on a mission to understand what artificial intelligence is, what it is not and what role we as human beings and organisations need to play in order to best navigate these very uncertain times. Time is precious, and the decisions we make today will have the greatest impact for human kind than ever before, so best we think deeply about it!

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About the Tracks

Our tracks are designed to help you make the most of your time. You can stay in one track's classes or mix-and-match during the event.

During this track, you will gain insight into the latest innovative ways companies use AI. You will hear practical case studies on measuring the ROI of AI projects, how to use RPA as a stepping stone for AI, and how to enhance AI capability with blockchain technology.

During this track, learn to implement and grow AI within your organisation. You will hear case studies on the infrastructure requirements for AI, enhancing the way you interact with your customers using AI. You can also view a demonstration of Africa’s first robotic librarian, Libby.


This interactive event will bring together leading organisations in South Africa to discuss the trends and real-world application of AI in business.

  • Experience countless networking opportunities, where you will rub shoulders with industry peers.
  • Meet the leading technology provider in the South African AI space.
  • Understand the practical applications of AI in all its forms.
  • Get inside information into SA’s leading organisation and its applications of AI.
  • Learn how to apply AI successfully in your organisation.
  • Participate in panel discussions and interactive sessions for front-line insight.

Key differentiators for ITWeb
Artificial Intelligence 2019

  • Explore methods of leveraging AI to grow your business and serve your clients better.
  • Hear practical case studies from some of SA’s leading organisations.
  • Understand how AI will impact your workforce and skills development programme.
  • Network with top-notch speakers.
  • Learn how to use AI responsibly and ethically.
  • Meet face-to-face with leading technology solution provider representatives, who will highlight the latest AI trends.
  • Assess the uses of bots, virtual assistants, ML and deep learning.


Are you an expert in AI? Do you have an insightful case study that our audience can learn from?

If so, we want you to join our panel of expert speakers at the upcoming ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2019 Summit!

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  • Gain insight into the latest trends in AI.
  • Understand how to implement AI effectively to meet your business objectives.
  • Take away practical insight into the ethics of AI.
  • Become part of the AI ecosystem and exchange thoughts with the top technology provider and industry peers.
  • Advance your knowledge in machine learning and deep learning.
  • Learn how to improve business practices using AI.
  • Meet with SA’s leading AI thought leaders.
  • Learn how AI is being used in various industries and disciplines.
  • Understand the implications of AI on your workforce.
  • Learn about the various applications of AI in business and everyday life.


ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2019 Summit provides you with an unequalled platform to reach and market your products, solutions, services and technologies to a qualified senior-level decision-maker audience from both the private and public sectors.

Your sponsorship gives you a cost-effective marketing solution that will position your company as a leader, provide you with qualified leads and bring you face-to-face with existing customers and new prospects. Our campaign provides you with exposure at the event and also pre- and post-event throughout all of ITWeb’s communication channels.

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