Johan Steyn, transformation lead: Enterprise Software Quality Assurance, Nedbank

Johan Steyn

Chair: Special Interest Group – AI and Robotics, IITPSA
(Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa) & Portfolio Lead, IQBusiness

During the last decade, his focus turned to the Software Quality Assurance and Testing market. He worked in senior roles for global consulting firms like SQS and Accenture, and at one of the largest banks in South Africa. He is an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast and speaks globally on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies.

He is currently with IQBusiness, a management consulting firm and he is the Chair: Special Interest Group – AI and robotics at the IITPSA

Johan Steyn will be speaking on the following topic:

Building an AI-Powered Organization

With the advent of the leap in Digital technologies, every business should become a software-driven organisation. The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is catapulting organisations – most already far lagging in their digital transformation efforts – into a world that most business leaders are not prepared for. Studies show that only 8% of organisations globally use and organise for AI and advanced analytics, engaging in core practices that support widespread adoption. Many firms run only isolated and largely impromptu AI initiatives, targeted at single business processes.
The idea around adopting Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in an organisation is not primarily a technology conversation. It is foremost a business initiative, with commercial goals in mind, addressing specific challenges. It is also largely a cultural and organisational design challenge.

  • Understanding the drivers of technological change: big data, cheap storage, faster processing power and ubiquitous connectivity
  • Embarking on an AI journey: aligning with business strategy, understanding your AI ambitions, assessing your AI maturity
  • The AI capability framework: supervised vs unsupervised learning, machine learning vs symbolic learning, structured data vs unstructured data, augmentation vs replacement
  • AI maturity assessment: traditional, isolated, tactical
  • Developing the AI business case: change management, prototyping, avoiding pitfalls and industrialising AI

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