Lauren Berrington

Chief Audit Executive, Bidvest

Lauren Berrington is a founding member of and heads up the ALICE team. ALICE is an audit robot and provides audit-as-a-service in the IT space using cognitive automation, including machine learning, robotics process automation and artificial intelligence. She automates audit workforces. Lauren also serves as the Chief Audit Executive of the Bidvest Group Ltd and has been responsible for the integrated and digital assurance strategies implemented across the Group. She is pioneering the futuristic landscape of IT-related audit services both inside of the Bidvest Group Ltd and beyond. During her 16-year tenure in the audit industry, Lauren worked for the South African, Boston and London offices of PwC before joining the Bidvest Group Ltd in 2012. Lauren holds a B(Com)(Hons) degree in Accounting from the University of Pretoria. She is a qualified CA (SA) and CISA. Lauren received the PwC Experience Award in 2011 and was a Top-10 Finalist in the SAICA Top 35 Under 35 Competition in 2014. She finds reward in equipping her team with the opportunities and skills to be relevant and successful in a disrupted future.

Lauren Berrington will be speaking on the following topic:

Case study: Identifying areas for AI and automation and managing the transition
  • Encouraging cross-functional collaboration.
  • Tying your AI project to a measurable ROI
  • Reskilling and redeploying workforce: identifying the skills gap and potential loss of jobs.

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