Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels

For more than 20 years, Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels have been regarded as the ultimate party band in SA. Dr Victor (Khojane) has been crafting and creating an uplifting, up-tempo sound that has earned this singer, musician, songwriter and producer an enviable reputation on the South African music scene and many devoted fans all over the world.

Dr Victor began playing while he was still at school, in a band called CC Beat, mainly influenced by afro-pop stars such as Blondie & Papa, Harare, Richard Jon Smith as well as American pop acts like the Jackson Five and others.

The band's first pop/reggae album, as 'CC Beat to Rasta Rebels', was entitled: 'A Tribute to Eddy Grant'. It was a huge success and gave them their first hit single, 'Gimme hope Jo'anna'.

They then changed their name to 'Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels', and the rest is history.

Dr Victor has opened for such international stars such as Paul Simon, Gloria Estefan and Janet Jackson, and he has won two SAMA Awards, for 'Shambala' and 'Sunshine daze' from his remixes album. The album 'Best of the Rasta Rebels' received double gold status.

The band's singles: 'If you wanna be happy' followed by: 'When somebody loves you back' received airtime on all major radio stations.

Dr Victor released another three solo albums and toured France, the UK and the Middle East. The 'Greatest Hits' album was followed by a 'Greatest Hits Live DVD' at Emperors Palace, and the band still keeps on filling the dance floors wherever they play.


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