Julia Ahlfeldt

Certified customer experience professional (CCXP)

Julia Ahlfeldt, Certified customer experience professional (CCXP)

Julia Ahlfeldt consults to blue-chip companies and multinationals and advises them on how to retain relevance and increase profit by transitioning from inwardly focused silos to being dynamic and customer-centric. She has worked with Virgin Active, Momentum, Absa, American Express (USA), Ross Stores (USA) and JP Morgan Chase (USA), among others.

Julia Ahlfeldt will be speaking on the following topics:

Using qualitative and quantitative data to gain customer insight and competitive advantage in the Age of the Customer

Learn how to leverage the wealth of data that exist within a company's on and offline channels to unlock customer insights through customer mapping.
Utilising qualitative and quantitative data to gather customer insight - including social media, surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups, CRM data, and operational analytics - Julia will explain how blue-chips, multi-nationals, and major retailers and etailers can accurately understand what positively and negatively impacts sales, profitability and growth in a world of digitally empowered consumers.

Journey maps are strategic tools, rooted in business intelligence, that are used by the likes of Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and other customer-centric market leaders to paint an informed picture of a customer life cycle. When shared with all members across the organisation, including IT, product teams, procurement, Exco and sales, journey maps provide the framework cornerstone for companies to transition from traditional silos to dynamic, customer-centricity.

  • In her talk Julia will share both the theory of customer journey mapping and the importance of data in creating these tools, as well as tips and ideas for action based on international and local case studies.

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