Matthew Burbidge

Writer, Online Editor, ITWeb

Matthew Burbidge is a writer and editor at ITWeb who covers, among other things, the cloud and hyperconverged markets.

Matthew Burbidge will be speaking on the following topic:

Panel Discussion How the cloud will enable the future of services

Tomorrow's services development and delivery will be powered by game-changing technologies including blockchain, immersive media, analytics, and AI. The days of manual services evolved to internet services delivered via the Web, to self-services driven by cloud, mobile and wireless tech. We are now moving into an era of seamless, end-to-end services that can anticipate and predict customer needs in a previously unimaginable way by harnessing the power of these technologies. During this panel, we will look at how today's cloud architecture will need to evolve, in order to make this a reality. How will organisations need to adapt, and what will they need to change, to ensure that adoption and development can be scaled across the full ecosystem?

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