Cliff De Wit

CTO and Co Founder, Dexterity Digital

Clifford De WIt is a qualified Electrical Engineer graduating from WITS university in 1996.

His passion for computing led him into financial services, where he worked in a team that launched one of world’s first internet banking solutions in 1998 with Nedbank.

Clifford joined Microsoft in 2000 and in 2009 Clifford took on a Director role of running one of the 7 segments within Microsoft South Africa. In this role amongst other thingshe developed and launched the SA BizSpark start-up program which mentored over 3000 tech start-up’s, manged the Microsoft relationship with South African universities, managed the DevOps business in South Africa, and ran and keynoted several conferences including TechEd, DevDays and Build Tour.

After almost 18 years with Microsoft Clifford decided to build a start-up of his own and in his current role, he is the CTO and co-founder of a new Digital business called Dexterity Digital. Dexterity is cloud native digital records business that has a set of products focused on digitalizing business process and helping customers digitally transform.

In addition to this Clifford holds two board positions at WITS university, Tshimologong and JCSE. Here he contributes back to both his University and to help individuals and companies in the industry.

Clifford is also a regular contributor the money show on Radio 702 where Bruce will invite him on a few times a year. He also keynotes and speaks at developer and technology conferences, like keynoting the devconf this year.

Cliff De Wit will be speaking on the following topics:

Chairman’s welcome

Panel Discussion How the cloud will enable the future of services

Tomorrow's services development and delivery will be powered by game-changing technologies including blockchain, immersive media, analytics, and AI. The days of manual services evolved to internet services delivered via the Web, to self-services driven by cloud, mobile and wireless tech. We are now moving into an era of seamless, end-to-end services that can anticipate and predict customer needs in a previously unimaginable way by harnessing the power of these technologies. During this panel, we will look at how today's cloud architecture will need to evolve, in order to make this a reality. How will organisations need to adapt, and what will they need to change, to ensure that adoption and development can be scaled across the full ecosystem?

Chairman’s welcome

Case Study Our real life journey building an Internet scale product from scratch using serverless cloud services.

This session will take you through the real-life case study of building a cloud product from scratch. The season will share the architecture we chose and the decisions we made in striving for a serverless internet-scale architecture but also where we compromised and why.We chose the Microsoft Azure stack and will share why we chose Azure but the lessons could easily be applied to other cloud platforms. Lastly, the session will cover our DevOps strategy and some of the decisions we made on deployment.

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