Dave Funnell

manager: Cloud Provider, VMware

Dave Funnell is the Cloud Provider manager at VMware, Sub-Saharan Africa. In this role, he is responsible for driving growth and supporting the regional Cloud Provider programmes. This involves working in conjunction with service providers and their clients to build working multi-cloud solutions that support the agility, flexibility and workload mobility promised by the Cloud.Funnell brings nearly 20 years’ experience within the ICT sector working for some of the world's largest international vendors to his role. One of his key passions is unpacking the Cloud Provider Business’s benefits to customers, and strongly presenting the opportunities it can afford players in the telecommunications, service provider (ISP) and managed services markets. Prior to joining VMware in 2013, Dave was territory manager at BMC and also served roles at Symantec, IBM and EMC.Dave has a strong technical and sales background, providing him with skills in creative problem solving and business analysis, which he uses to help his customers deploy technology solutions that meet complex business requirements.

Dave Funnell will be speaking on the following topics:

Keynote Accelerating the Application Journey – public, private or hybrid: the ongoing evolution of cloud adoption to drive Application Delivery

In order to innovate and react to the changing demands that all businesses are facing; IT has to become agile, flexible & scalable as it supports and aligns to business objectives, with the acceleration of application development key to remaining competitive. Therefore, application workloads will increase exponentially over the coming years, being the driver behind Cloud adoption - but how does IT harness the power of clouds, making them ready for enterprise use cases and extending the capabilities of their IT skill sets & investments which currently support existing application environments? How do you migrate these environments rapidly & successfully to the Cloud? How will IT manage, run and secure their business applications across multiple Private and Public Hyperscale Clouds? What are the experiences of customers that have moved along this journey?
  • Applications are driving Cloud adoption
  • Accelerating Cloud migrations
  • Pitfalls to avoid in Cloud decisions
  • Customer experiences of migration & cloud adoption
  • Managing the Multi Cloud environment

Panel Discussion How the cloud will enable the future of services

Tomorrow's services development and delivery will be powered by game-changing technologies including blockchain, immersive media, analytics, and AI. The days of manual services evolved to internet services delivered via the Web, to self-services driven by cloud, mobile and wireless tech. We are now moving into an era of seamless, end-to-end services that can anticipate and predict customer needs in a previously unimaginable way by harnessing the power of these technologies. During this panel, we will look at how today's cloud architecture will need to evolve, in order to make this a reality. How will organisations need to adapt, and what will they need to change, to ensure that adoption and development can be scaled across the full ecosystem?

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