Dustyn Lightfoot

Azure Solution Architect, Dexterity Digital

Dustyn started writing code when he was 8 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s been designing and building software solutions and products for over 2 decades. His passion for simple and elegant architecture has made him a keen student and practitioner of various architectural styles over the years, including SOA, ESB and now, of course, Microservices. He is loving the current Serverless revolution and spent the last 2 years at Dexterity Digital designing and building a cloud native Saas that focuses on digital records management. When he’s not busy designing cloud solutions he can be found building mobile apps, playing with IoT and AI, or running the local trails training for his next big challenge.

Dustyn Lightfoot will be speaking on the following topic:

Case Study Our real life journey building an Internet scale product from scratch using serverless cloud services.

This session will take you through the real-life case study of building a cloud product from scratch. The season will share the architecture we chose and the decisions we made in striving for a serverless internet-scale architecture but also where we compromised and why.We chose the Microsoft Azure stack and will share why we chose Azure but the lessons could easily be applied to other cloud platforms. Lastly, the session will cover our DevOps strategy and some of the decisions we made on deployment.

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