Gershon Venkatsamy

Data Enthusiast,

Gershon is passionate about data and the benefit that organisations can derive from properly harnessing it. He started his 20+ year career in IT fixing computers and today has successfully led a major transformation project that moved from a traditional relational database to a big data implementation which has resulted in a major benefit to the organisation. Through his career, he has utilised tools such as Microsoft SQL, Hadoop, Cognos, PowerBI and Tableau to build a multitude of solutions across many industries including Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Telecoms, Consulting, Entertainment and Manufacturing. Gershon has a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Computer Science), Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees and a number of industry-related certifications.

Gershon Venkatsamy will be speaking on the following topic:

The Benefits of adopting DataOps to deliver a Big Data Transformation Project

I recently had the privilege of being involved in a Big Data transformation project and DataOps principles were used throughout the delivery.

The presentation will demonstrate how the adoption of these principles resulted in a solution that meets customer needs, is maintainable and focuses on data quality.

DataOps principles did not just help with the system development but also helped to transition the people involved into a new way of work and helped to establish a culture where teamwork and collaboration is promoted.

How do we use DataOps to ensure:

  • the customer is content
  • change is managed correctly
  • teamwork is encouraged
  • communication is constant
  • re-usable code is a focus
  • the solution is simple and easy to maintain
  • performance is a key consideration for the team
  • a repeatable deployment process is built 
  • deliver a quality product

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